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CanNet Telecom cable internet, best out there? To be determined...

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  • Jul 4th, 2018 3:54 pm
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Dec 19, 2004
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Anyone in the Richmond Hill area (preferably Elgin Mills between Leslie and Bayview) using Cannet? I'm interested in switching but would like to hear your speeds during the peak times.

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Sep 12, 2017
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drdtyc wrote:
Nov 2nd, 2017 7:56 pm
Signed up the 75/10 plan for $30 plus $5 modem rental for 24 months. After 2 years, the modem is mine to own.
Connection has been working within 30 minutes after the technician left my house.

It has been 2 days and the connection has been stable. I am consistently getting 50/10 speeds morning, day, evening and night. I don't need top speed. No complaint from me.

First bill is exactly $30 + $5 + tax. No hidden cost.
Where is this deal not seeing it anywhere?
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May 2, 2010
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reggyDeal wrote:
Dec 2nd, 2017 7:46 pm
Where is this deal not seeing it anywhere?
Click link on the first post of this thread.
If no promo there, then it may have ended or moved to another webpage.

I subscribed on Oct 31 when the promo was still available.
Feb 25, 2018
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if you are thinking about getting cannet forget it. they have terrible internet support as well as customer service. as far as internet speed i signed up for 50 megabites download speed but when you hit peak times you are lucky to get 5 or 10 megabites. their advice try again tomorrow. going to cancel my service asap. brutal brutal experience with them!!!!!!!!! not reliable at all
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Jun 13, 2008
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Burlington, ON
You joined RFD just to post this?

I've had them for a year and it's been great for me. Had some issues at the beginning, but after emailing them they sorted it out by adding capacity. Sure it drops off somewhat (from about 70mbps to 50mbps) at peak times, but works for me.
Nov 28, 2007
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Anyone had issues with Cannet never receiving their modem back after canceling the service? I've mailed it to their office through Canada Post, but the number is not traceable on the website, and they are saying they never got it