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Mar 23, 2016
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Anyone here have experience with cloth carriers like Moby, Baby K'Tan etc?
I'm doing research for the wife in preparation for our little one and there are so many variations. She wants an easy to carry and put on sling type product for use with the baby around the house, and a friend recommended we look at the cloth ones.

Worth it? Useful? any opinions on them?
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Aug 2, 2001
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We personally prefer the Bjorn, but I can answer one of your questions - carriers are most definitely worth it. It gives the person a chance to have both hands free and actually do stuff while the baby is inside. Being close to a parent is often calming in itself, so the carrier works well (for us) and again allows us to be hands free.
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Mar 23, 2016
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Thanks Trevor
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Aug 10, 2004
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i have a baby bjorn but the problem we ran into was the weight suggestion. baby was born under 7lbs and the weight suggestion of the baby bjorn one is for 10lbs+ so for the few couple of months we couldn't use the carrier. another mom gave us her cloth wrap carrier so i used that until baby was able to fit into the baby bjorn.

i feel that the bjorn was more comfortable for me overall since there's more back support than a cloth wrap carrier. at the same time, with the wrap carriers, there's a learning curve in terms of how to tuck baby in. I never got really good with it so baby was a bit fussy when i'm trying to put him in. the videos on youtube make it look easy but when i did it, it was a bit of a struggle for both myself and baby. at the end of the day, the wrap carrier was good for me until baby could fit into the carrier. it's all a matter of preference though. go check them out in the store and see how it feels on... see if someone in the store can show you how to use the wraps and maybe get a feel of what the wraps are like too. i can't comment on different brands of the wraps but they all seem similar to me
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May 12, 2014
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If you're looking for something around the house, I wouldn't recommend a sling or a carrier. Too much hassle. For going out and not having to carry a stroller, then yes carrier all the way.

For around the house, you want a baby rocker/bouncer. They're portable and light enough that you can move them anywhere in the house. I got one as a gift and though I wouldn't use it, but was something I used all the time while at home.
Something like this. https://www.walmart.ca/en/ip/fisher-pri ... 0195398085
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Apr 10, 2011
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We had the ergo 360 for use outdoors and the baby k'tan for indoors, as it was less bulky. I ended up selling the baby k'tan after a few months though, when baby was big enough for his bouncer (aka, circle of neglect lol).

Baby is 14 months now, and I still use the ergo carrier once in a while if I'm only going a short distance. He's only 26 lbs but you'd be surprised how heavy it feels once you've been carrying him for 30 minutes. But up until he was around 20 lbs, the ergo baby was the best. One of the most useful things I received for my baby shower. We got the 360, which is more expensive, but I think it's worth it because you can put them outward facing, and on your back, in addition to parent facing. i think the weight limit is like 31 lbs or something, so if you're strong enough, you'd probably get up to 2 years use out of it. Can't recommend it enough.
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Mar 23, 2016
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Wow, thanks everyone - extremely helpful. Wifey was saying how easy the cloth ones looked but if it's not as easy in practice, I'm sure that will influence her decision.
I'll also check out the rocker and Ergo products.!
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Nov 13, 2010
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We got the "Infantino" 4-in-1 advanced flip from WM.
Anyone has tried that one?

The reviews were ok/good for that one
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May 4, 2007
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We had both Baby Bjorn and Ergo.

I found baby Bjorn easier to use when the babies were young, but Ergo is useful for longer since it can go on your side or back as well. I saw a friend using the Ergo with her 4 year old.

The Ergo may not be usable with very small babies. There is an insert, but I found it hard to use.

Btw most experts recommend that baby is facing towards you, not away. This is in the usage instructions for both Ergo and Baby Bjorn.
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Jun 8, 2008
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Here's a useful resource: https://babywearinginternational.org/wh ... y-carrier/

We used different things:

Baby Bjorn - was fine when the kids were really little but I found it uncomfortable and didn't spread any weight. I got rid of them.
Ring Sling - used it once on a trip, fine but I always felt it wasn't quite as secure as other options.
Moby Wrap - wonderful - comfortable, although hot in the summers (lots of fabric).
Mei Tei - used this regularly for daily commute, also awesome with a toddler
Ergo - borrowed this for another trip - I liked it. Comfortable.

All this was 10+ years ago so there may be other options these days. Either way, I'm very glad I chose to babywear. Found it really practical and comfortable but as you can see, I tried different things.
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Jan 2, 2012
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Currently using a Boba Wrap for my 2 month old. I originally bought a hip seat but didn't realize it couldn't be used with a newborn because she doesn't have head support yet.
I haven't used it much because I find the support to her head in the Boba Wrap isn't great and I find myself holding onto her neck the entire time she's in it which sort of defeats the whole hands free premise. With that said my daughter hates being snug against my skin and moves her head around which is why I have to hold her head.
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Feb 24, 2017
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I used the Baby K'Tan since my baby was born. I personally liked it because it's more form-fitting and adjustable than other standard baby carriers but my husband is unable to use and it does take some time to get used to putting it on properly. We decided to "splurge" on the Ergo 360 carrier on a late weekend night because my husband was having trouble using the K'Tan. I just received the Ergo carrier today and honestly, I didn't think I would like it but it is much better than the K'Tan. It feels more secure and it fits different body sizes so anybody can use it. The baby seems to like it as well but it's only been a day. Buy the K'Tan if you need a good cheap alternative but I'd say invest in the Ergo 360. We got the infant insert as well.