Which cat food do you guys recommend for cat?

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Jul 24, 2018
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osuman wrote:
Nov 26th, 2018 10:57 pm
How would you react if someone decides to put a horse on meat only diet?
Horses are herbivores with specialized digestive systems.

Dogs (and humans) are omnivores.

Cats are considered by science to be obligate carnivores, with specialized digestive systems like horses. Cats can, however, benefit from pre-digested plant matter from the intestines of the prey they eat.

I'm not a scientist or a veterinarian, and I can only go by the information available to search at my fingertips. I encourage everyone with an interest to do the same.
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Jul 20, 2016
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jimmysack wrote:
Sep 10th, 2018 11:18 am
well how much does raw food cost? where can i buy it
Not sure if you started, but just in case, and if someone else is looking after.

I've managed to transition my cat from kibble to full wet - which was rather easy, once I found the right protein (which was a bit of a pain, I got like 50 cans on black friday of Salmon, but she would only eat chicken and duck lol).
She's been eating canned food like I'm eating a steak. She's literally cleans the plate.

Day before yesterday I decided to buy some small, not so expensive frozen raw food. I went to my local pet valu (to return those 50 cans of Salmon canned food...) and picked up a 2lb Chicken Dinner container. it was like 6-7 bucks; and as per calculators, she should eat around 80g per day. So around 11 days worth of food for like $7;

Now. I picked that just to test, but I won't be buying more of it. Firstly because it's a "dinner" lots of other stuff that aren't meat (Apples, Carrots, Organic Kale, Organic Spinach, Organic Blueberries, Organic Cranberries, Organic Kelp); and then - the container isn't that great. They're very fragile, they had a few of them broken at the store;

Once I manage to get her full on raw, I'm buying these: ... /index.cfm
They are single ingredient. The packaging looks better - they're in patties, and you probably can cut it frozen, don't need to thaw it all to portion it up. Only drawback is that they only sell 1.8kg packs (or I only saw that), but guess it's OK.
Cost-wise its about 16 (chicken) and up to the 40s I think, for the most expensive proteins;

So price-wise, it's actually cheaper than feed canned, and not much more than feeding dry (or cheaper than a top quality kibble brand)
But many will say that you'll also save on Vet bills (especially dental stuff)

update (Jan 7th) -

Bought that Chicken Carnivora, my cat loves it. I don't need to heat a bit, from the fridge to dish and she devours it in seconds! Her fur is nicer, and as mentioned by other users the poop barely smells.
I bought a bag of Duck Carnivora yesterday, it's a bit more than Chicken, but rotation seems to be good for them. 1.8KG bag isn't a big deal as I though originally.
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stay away from anything that contains by-product in it's ingredient list. Here is why:
by-product is found in 90% of the wet cat food out there, the remaining 10% is the real good stuff.

I found Authority from pet smart to be the best value (exclusive to petsmart). However, with that being said, Authority has recently released a "new look" to their cans which deceived many in hiding the reduced quantity per can, with that being said, it is probably still the best value.
The second best value I found at the time of my search was blue (another brand that did not contain any by-product). Prices are 1.49 and 1.99 respectively, here are the links: ... gid=200170 ... gid=200170

FYI, my cats for whatever reason don't like the flaked or shredded meat types that Authority provides, the "Pate" is their favourite, you may want to try a few different types and flavours to see which one your cat likes.
Our feeding schedule: wet food morning & night. dried food through out their day.

Authority also has a good dried food line that is by-product free as well.

If anyone has any better suggestions to cat food I am all ears. From my research however, these two brands are your best bet (value wise). You can of course pay a premium price and get the really good stuff like Nutro, Blue wilderness etc... that is totally up to you and how much you want to spend on cat food.