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Feb 11, 2011
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Cheap flights


My grandfather passed away yesterday and I have to catch a flight this week anytime before Thursday March 3 and come back within 1 week. I live in Edmonton and I have to make it to either Montreal or Quebec city. As I am writing this, the tickets are going for $750... which is a little bit too much for what I can afford. If I do not have the choice, I will pay the price, but I'd rather have something in the $550-$650 price range.

A colleague told me to call the carriers directly and told them my situation, but I don't think they will give a crap and give me a deal because of the passing away of my grandpa.

Any inputs on ways to get tickets cheaper would be greatly appreciated.
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Sorry to hear about your grandfather. As toronto_j mentioned, there are bereavement fares but you have to check if those are the best deal. The bereavement fare will be a discount of a full fare ticket. Travelling last minute that fare might be the best deal you can get, but you have to compare to make sure.

You can use this site:


You can't actually book a ticket there, but you can get an idea of where you can get the best pricing. A lot of travel agents use that site.
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