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Jul 17, 2008
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Cheap good watch

Hey guys, I am in need of a cheap but reliable digital watch.

Found these on amazon with good review
http://www.amazon.ca/Casio-A158W-1-Clas ... _241_img_y
http://www.amazon.ca/Casio-Classic-Blac ... ital+watch

Any input on these? Between the 2 I am debating between the stainless steel or resin strap. Never wore a resin strap so not sure how comfy it is or how itchy it could be.

Any input on resin strap? During hot and cold environments, sweat, etc? Will plan to use it in the water too.
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Dec 8, 2007
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Your phone.

No one buys digital watches. No one.
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Jul 29, 2006
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How cheap is cheap? Gshock = at least $100. Phone = free!
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Dec 19, 2013
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OP clearly says hes gonna use it in water. Unless you have a waterproof case, I don't think anyone would use a phone under water to check time.

TBH, any watch at that price is gonna be the same. Quality is not that great. But if you're on a budget, then just get whichever style you like the best. I prefer stainless steel though.
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Jul 20, 2007
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TodayHello wrote:
Sep 26th, 2015 6:35 pm
Your phone.

No one buys digital watches. No one.
I still use a digital watch at the gym to track my sets and runs; without a cellphone swinging around in my pocket. Tried using an arm-band but found a wrist watch more comfortable and easier to use.
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Jul 10, 2014
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Checking a phone for the time will never be as classy as checking a watch. I wish I could take a pic of my wrist right now because I'm wearing my Casio CA53W and I have several other watches that are much nicer. I like my Casio because it is extremely lightweight and comfortable and even more reliable and accurate. If you want a cheap watch, look no further. You've found it.
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Mar 9, 2014
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djdestroyer wrote:
Sep 29th, 2015 2:03 am
Checking a phone for the time will never be as classy as checking a watch. I wish I could take a pic of my wrist right now
If only you had a phone
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May 11, 2009
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If you'll be around water, I'd recommend the Casio MDV106: http://www.amazon.ca/Casio-MDV106-1A-Bl ... B009KYJAJY
Looks great, solid build quality, and has a screw down crown with 200m water resistance. Overkill for pools and showers, but if you really want to be sure water stays out screw down crowns and high water resistance is often reassuring. Only thing is the price in Canada isn't too great, in the US you can get it for as low as $20 allegedly.

That casio F91W is a classic, cheap reliable and disposable. You really can't go wrong with any quartz, in my experience even the cheapest quartz keep better time than any automatic and rarely stop working; that is the LCD/IC component keeps going unless you flood it, though the watch case and bracelet will likely fail long before the movement does. Most department store timex watches will also serve you well, nothing special but get the job done.

If you want to expand your budget, the NASA flight certified classic GShock DW5600E is a safe choice if you can find it for $50. There is also it's upgraded cousin, the GWM5610, solar powered and 6-band atomic time (you'd be surprised how inaccurate cell network time can be!) but cheapest I've seen it in Canada was $100. At that price you can get decent automatics, ~$70 for Seiko 5 (30-50m water resistant) or step up to the Seiko SXK or Orient mako/ray divers (200m)

Finally, resin is just plastic/fake rubber. Usually very light and does the job, doesn't absorb water but also doesn't let your skin breathe (just wear it a little loose). I'd avoid metal bracelets at this price point because they are almost always cheap folded links that rattle, pull arm hair, scratch, and flex really bad. NATO/nylon straps are a very popular choice, thread through the springbars so you don't lose your watch. Lots of people love natos, though personally I find them to hold moisture and get itchy, but it's subjective.
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Jul 4, 2015
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I'm a Invicta watch person myself. A decent looking one goes for about $100-$200 CAD on amazon
Dec 17, 2014
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TodayHello wrote:
Sep 26th, 2015 6:35 pm
Your phone.

No one buys digital watches. No one.
lol what? Digital watches are as popular as ever.