CHEAPEST TV that Supports ATSC (for Gifting)

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Apr 25, 2006
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CHEAPEST TV that Supports ATSC (for Gifting)

Hi guys,

I want to gift a friend (that doesn't believe in TV) a cheap TV.
I want to get them the CHEAPEST HDTV that supports ATSC.

The plan is to give them a TV and Antenna, and let them enjoy the PanAm games on CBC this summer.
You guessed it. This is for a Senior Citizen that thinks Rogers will sucker them into a $80+/month on Rogers Cable.
As a result, they have boycott all things Rogers/Bell.

Help me prove them wrong! Thanks! Much Appreciated RFD community!
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Aug 20, 2004
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although not the cheapest you might want to consider this thread wmt-50-philips-smart-tv-300-enviro-fee- ... v-1726311/

other than that, Irico TVs are often low cost but your absolute cheapest TV will only be in the 720p limit. Those TVs are regularly $100 cheaper than everything else. Surprisingly a 720p Smart tv will often be cheaper than a 720p standard "dumb" tv.
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