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Nov 6, 2010
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Christmas toys

What did you give your kids for Christmas.
How did they like their presents Christmas morning
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Nov 27, 2006
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dd who is 7
pottery wheel
scrapbook craft kit
prehistoric fish spawn kit
AE kids hoody
2 prs of TCP microfleece pants
MP3 player Disney piece of crap
Roxy earphones

ds who is 4

Chuck's stunt park
Leapfrog tag (got older tag for $7 at Zellers and 3 books for $5)
Melissa and Doug puzzles

ds who is 20 mo
remote control panda
mega blocks
Melissa and Doug ball pounder
chuck the talking truck

they like everything pottery wheel is a mess, chuck is annoying on both counts
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Dec 10, 2004
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Precious boy is ~18 months.

He got from us:
  • kids books
  • corn popper walking toy
  • Ottawa Senators Jersey
  • baby laptop
  • popup toy (don't know how to describe this)
  • floating boat for bathtime
Kinda doesn't get the laptop at this point. Loves his corn popper, and the popup toy. Senators jersey, he will learn to love :lol:
Aug 16, 2006
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My daughter (6 Years Old) got toys left right and center. She probably received 30 gifts this year (possibly more), of which all were toys except for about 6-7 (Clothes, Shoes, Books, etc.)

Now I don't know where to put them. Just before Christmas, my Wife and I tossed 4 blue bags worth of toys to Value Village... now we're back at square one. I suppose I'm going to have to limit my daughter when she can open new toys...maybe make a reward system out of it :D
Dec 27, 2009
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My kids birthdays are October and December, so you can imagine the influx of toys at our house in the winter months.

Friends of ours who also have children born in October and November gave us the best advice ever. Let the kids open all the presents (from the wrapping paper) and then allow them to pick a few that they want to open and play with right now. Put the rest away and once a month (based on how many toys you have) take a toy or two out for them to open. It's almost like Christmas again... and they are not overwhelmed with all the new toys all at once.