Chrome corrosion -- how to fix and prevent?

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Chrome corrosion -- how to fix and prevent?

I thought chrome doesn't corrode. But, I see pitting going on and discoloration. What's going on? How do I fix this?
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Hi [QUOTE]Rust is the corrosion of a metal. It is an electrochemical process in which the constituent parts of an element break down and combine with other elements to form a new compound. There are various types of rust because elements such as iron and copper are chemically different. This also leads to rust having a different visual appearance depending on the metal involved.

There are three components to chrome developing rust: the metal itself, water or moisture and air. All of these components must come into contact with each other for rust to form. When chrome gets wet and the water is not immediately wiped away, the water molecules start to react with the carbon dioxide that is in the air. (People breathe in oxygen from the atmosphere and exhale carbon dioxide.) The water and the carbon dioxide react to each other and form carbonic acid and this acid weakens the chemical bonds of the chrome. Because of this weakening the chrome starts to dissolve and wear away. During this same time the water molecules also break down into hydrogen and oxygen. The two hydrogen molecules are released into the air, but the oxygen molecule combines with the dissolving chrome to form a new compound, which is rust. This new compound is a chromium oxide, the scientific name for rust.

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My neighbor had chrome rims on his Chrysler, it started to peel on the inside of his rim and he tried a few different tire shops and the tires wouldn't stop leaking from the rim. Even after removing the peeling and sealing it. He ended up buying four new non chrome rims. All the tire shops said the same thing, go get the rim refinished or replaced.