CIBC interview process

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Dec 5, 2008
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CIBC interview process

Hi, just wondering how the CIBC customer service representative hiring process works. How many interviews etc...
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Sep 29, 2008
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omg it was the worst thing ever...ok i applied online a while ago and i got a call and i had a phone interview.the person who i talked told me HR from the branch I applied to will call me..everything was going great...i was told i would get an interview by the end of the week...well they didnt call,and another week pasted by,they finally called me and the interview was great,she seemed to like me,she told me,she would let me know within a week,i waited a week and called her,she said nothing had been done yet,i waited another week and called again,and she said they getting rid of the part time posting(the one I applied for) and posting a full time instead(i have no problem with full time,i even told her that) and that i would have to do everything all over again(apply online,phone interview and re interview) and it was only 2 week after my first interview...i was sooo pissed,they waited my time!!!,i didnt apply again!! and they only pay $13 bucks!!
Jul 11, 2006
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if you are what they refer to as a "visible minority," you will have the advantage over other applicants.

I interviewed there and wasnt selected because I was a 'visible' minority. The person they hired supposedly got fired and then they kept calling me back for the position. I wont even entertain their calls now because of their ridiculous hiring policies.

I wasnt interviewing for a CS position, but mine was a two interview process. The first interview was with two people. The second was one on one.