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CIBC Unlimited Chequing Account 10000 aeroplan miles or 5000?

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  • May 22nd, 2010 2:19 pm
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Apr 10, 2010
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CIBC Unlimited Chequing Account 10000 aeroplan miles or 5000?

Today I was at CIBC and I saw big posters saying you get 10000 reward aeroplan miles if you open their $13.5/month chequing account (and set up direct deposit into it).

When I got home I started to look into this at their website but was only able to find it saying 5000 reward miles?

So which one is right? Or is that 10000 miles just a special deal at that particular branch?

Keep all the free flights and stuff we can get with aeroplan miles aside, the simple math here is 12500 miles = $100 gift card at some store, which makes 10000 miles equal to an easy $80 bucks.

I don't mind paying $13.5 for one or two months and switch back to a regular chequing account once I get the reward miles. But on the website, it looks like CIBC has already come prepared against any "abuse" that we might come up with. It basically says it takes blah blah days for CIBC to recognize your direct deposit, and it takes another some number of days for Aeroplan to actually award you the miles, and CIBC can "at its own discretion" reverse the reward miles if it thinks you are somehow manipulating the program.

So anyone has any experience on it? I know the promotion is there for a long time and maybe it's already been discussed but I just couldn't find much opinions on it by doing a quick search. Thank you.
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Dec 28, 2008
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Did they open an eAdvantage Savings account for you as well?