CIC Statement of Purpose

Jun 18, 2018
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CIC Statement of Purpose

Hello guys, first time posting so please have mercy on me. I need help with my SOP for Canada study permit. I attended an undergrad course in the UK but left after 1 year, 5 out of 6 modules were marked as failed, 3 of which due to me leaving before I could hand in the assessments. So I don't know if I should mention that in the SOP.

And do you think this paragraph could convince the Officer about me returning home upon my graduation?
"I am looking forward to returning to Vietnam from studying abroad with a new perspective on culture, language skills and great education. Being internationally educated will allow me to begin my career at the biggest organisations such as Institute of Environment & Natural Resources, where dealing with foreign professionals requires cross-cultural communication skills and advanced technical knowledge. I am certain that the skills and experience that I obtain in Canada will not only boost my career as an individual but also make a contribution to this field of expertise in Vietnam."

I really appreciate your help¬

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