Cinema chain horrifies by building playgrounds in theatres.

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  • May 23rd, 2017 5:54 am

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You would take a first date to this type of theatre.
Ear plugs should be free of charge.
Baby changing stations should be incorporated in design.
Jealous that they didn't have this when you were a small child.
Suitable location for Advance screening of next Transformers movie.
McDonalds should open similar cineplex concept in restaurants.
Fine if alcohool or reefer allowed in back row.
There should be a dog park and beach volley ball.
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Feb 13, 2017
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Cinema chain horrifies by building playgrounds in theatres.

A major theater chain is coming very close to perfecting the worst possible way to watch a movie.

Cinépolis revealed plans to put a children’s playground in movie theaters. The first-of-its kind design in the U.S. plops a 55-foot long and 25-foot high “play structure” inside the auditorium itself.

The first two “Cinépolis Junior” theaters will open this month in Southern California.


The move comes at a time when most cinema chains — led by pioneer Alamo Drafthouse Cinema — are becoming increasingly strict about limiting disruptions in theaters by banning talking, phone calls, and texting. But the Cinépolis Junior concept goes 180-degrees in the other direction, creating a moviegoing experience that shrugs off the notion anybody should have to pay focused attention to a story for two hours straight.

The company further describes the new concept as a “space where parents feel at ease and kids feel right in their element as they watch their new favorite film.” The theaters will also feature “elevated snack favorites such as enhanced popcorn flavors like Cheetos, Chili, Caramel, and Zebra, along with other kid-friendly menu items,” as well as “seating alternatives such as colorful bean bag-like seating and lounge chairs, and vibrant décor.”

Explained the CEO of Cinépolis USA, Adrian Mijares Elizondo: “To help new guests fall in love with movies is our goal, and to do it in a way that caters to every need is our mission.

It’s a reasoning that raises a few questions, such as: Is a playground in a theater really a need? And can you truly fall in love with a movie while you’re stuck in a giant tube slide?

Ticket prices, Cinépolis adds, will include an additional surcharge for the pleasure of having a jungle gym just a Skittles throw away from your seat.

The company first introduced the concept in Mexico two years with the playground area open before a movie started and during an intermission. But according to the L.A. Times, the chain is considering for the U.S. version “leaving the house lights on during the movie so that restless children can easily get up to play.”


http://ew.com/movies/2017/03/07/theater ... no-why-no/
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Aug 16, 2010
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Sure, why not! In fact, the should build a totally "open" theatre where everything is allowed, to be reserved for Class-A A-Holes who like to bring loud children, who talk loud themselves, who text and check the latest damned updates from their friends on their phones, and who insist on kicking seat backs and putting their stinking gangreen feet on the tops of seats. Stick all of these turds in one theatre so the rest of us can have peace and quiet in the other theatres.
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Aug 5, 2006
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2 words: bankruptcy protection..
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Mar 20, 2003
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All I know is as a DINK family, we would never ever consider going to one of these, even if the movie was free or even if you paid me the cost of a movie ticket on cash to try it.

But that said, I assume this would play only G rated movies so they limit themselves in terms of content but hey, you never now, this might be the next big thing. Cinema's would probably only have a single of these and who knows, it might actually work out.

Personnally, I think there's more money in a cinema with no row seating but instead couches, chairs, tables, etc. where people can talk, text and do everything you want while the movie is playing. You'd sell out every showing to the ignorant people who go to movies but then do everything but watch the movie!
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Mar 31, 2008
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And parents wonder why their kids have ADHD and language development issues. I bet there's nice charging stations so you can also play with your tablet while watching the movie.
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Mar 3, 2017
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The lights would need to be on the whole time for the section with the slide, but then I guess that doesn't matter since no adult going there would be viewing what's showing on the screen.

MCD and burger king has free playgrounds, why not just go there for lunch then watch a film with the family afterwards instead?
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Mar 12, 2005
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I don't have kids so I don't think I can judge. I would steer clear of this as I like to focus on the movie I paid a mint to see, but if families like this kind of environment then all the power to them. Not everything has to cater to my circumstances. Lots of options out there :)

I guess they would need to leave the lights on so the Kids could see what they're doing... Light and noise kind of defeat the purpose of going to see a movie at the theatre, but that's me :)
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Nov 3, 2007
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It seems like you're better off thinking of this as a playground first, with a movie playing in the background that nobody is really paying attention to.
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Apr 28, 2004
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As a dad with two kids, I think it's an awesome idea.

First, the play equipment looks like any other indoor playground stuff all over the city, so it shouldn't be any insurance issues there.

Second, as a parent that had to attend many kids b-day parties at those indoor playground businesses, I would rather come to this movie theatre and at least watch a movie than actually stand around talking to the other parents. Think how great it is to say to that crazy, my-daughter-is-the-best-and-she-does-this-and-this-and-this supermom: "Can't talk Susan, I need to find out what happens next in the movie..."

Finally, it's not any different then watching a blu-ray movie at home. Except I get to enjoy a 40-foot screen instead of a 60-inch television.
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Jan 27, 2006
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ji2o0k wrote:
Mar 18th, 2017 12:31 pm
whelp, it's all fun and games until a kid gets seriously hurt......or god forbid something worse.....

All it will take is one accident, then the parents sue and then bye bye movie theatre company......

I'll grab my popcorn and watch this play out....lol
I'm sure it's in the fine print. That they're not responsible.

What's the point of going to the theatres if you're kids are going to run around and play.

I get the whole Baby theme, forgot what they call it but this seems stupid.

Beauty and the Beast made over $170 Million, where I'm sure children was the majority of the audience and doubt any of them felt the need to run around and play.
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Mar 3, 2017
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All that needs to happen is for some kids to be distracted by the movie and get hurt really badly. Then we'll see what type of liability the theatre has for putting a recreational facility in the theatre.
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Nov 6, 2010
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Montreal, QC
While it's not my cup of tea, a business is free to do whatever they want. They'll find out soon enough via ticket sales whether it was a good idea or not.