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[Cineplex.com] [Mars] Buy 5 marked bags of M&Ms or Maltesers or Snickers or Twix or Mars or Skittles or Starburst candy get movie code

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  • Oct 11th, 2019 10:24 pm
Jun 27, 2019
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I saw a tear off coupon for $1 off any M&M's, mars, snickers, twix, bounty, skittles or starburst 150g-400g. I tried to upload a photo, but I'm in a rush and couldn't figure it out quickly. It was at the Metro in Milton in the candy section. Exp Dec. 31st. Combining with a sale would make this offer really cheap.
Feb 25, 2019
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Sorry I’m confused- isn’t it cheaper to buy a movie ticket?
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Jan 6, 2013
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WetFanny wrote: Sorry I’m confused- isn’t it cheaper to buy a movie ticket?
No, not unless you're only ever buying Tuesday tickets. Five bags will cost you $11.30 after taxes. A regular ticket is anywhere between $12.50 and $15.99 for a regular price ticket depending on which theater you go to.

This offer allows you to not only get a movie ticket for $11.30 but five bags of candy along with it.
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Sep 23, 2009
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The small skittles are $1.50 at the RCSS in GTA (Dollarama sizing).

M&M are $2.00 for the 185g size.

They also have the Twix 230g size for $2.00.
Jul 7, 2019
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This promotion borders on fraud. I submitted a photo of my receipt and the product packages as required. I received an e-mail response saying "this receipt has already been used in the promotion" even though it was an original receipt that had never been submitted.

Obviously Mars wants to keep the number of Cineplex admissions below a certain level. After all, it is paying Cineplex a certain amount per successful redemption. So the goal is obviously to cause enough glitches and rejections that Mars doesn't have to spend the money...but consumers are still being fooled into buying the candy.

Very disappointed in this unethical corporate behaviour.