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circular polarizers , step rings etc.

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  • Dec 6th, 2009 11:02 pm
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Feb 5, 2009
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circular polarizers , step rings etc.

Hey all
I am looking to get a circular polarizer for my 18-200vr
I have done some research and found this review ... _test.html ... ement.html
So.. since I'm a cheapo..
where can I find a good Marumi or B+W circular polarizer in canada?
I saw canada computers had Marumis..but I also found Marumi's on ebay..
I would look at the B+W's second just cuz the cost much more.

Has anyone had experience with the Marumis?

And I since I am putting it on a 18-200, I was thinking about buying a 77mm version with a step upring. so that in the future If/when I get more pro lenses
i can use that filter with it. Am i thinking correctly?
I just don't want to buy a circ polarizer for each lens I have since they are so expensive and I'd just use it for landscape type pics
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Oct 15, 2002
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Many recent posts about buying filters online here...
Please search...

As for buying B+W CP check out

Buying 77mm and using step up rings are fine as long as won't be using hoods.

You won't be able to fit the hood over a step up ring if you lens is 58mm for example.