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Jan 17, 2010
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Clek Fllo

Does anyone have the Clek fllo? I have a few questions if ya'll don't mind helping... :)
Do you like it?
What are the things you like about it and the things you don't like it?
Any other car seat suggestions?

I've done quite a bit of research and have my eyes set on this. My baby is close to 1 year old and gonna switch from a chicco keyfit.
. Thanks!
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Nov 13, 2013
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It's great. Only downside is the cost. It is also heavy if you have to move between vehicles.
May 15, 2011
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Have it, like it, and would buy it again. It's a sturdy car seat and we like that we can rear face for a long time. Definitely heavy but not an issue for us because we don't move it in between cars. One consideration is that it sits lower and I think "longer" than the Foonf, so it reduces legroom for the seat in front. Obviously YMMV depending on your car.
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Aug 5, 2003
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We are both in 3 series so on the smaller car end of the spectrum with the clek fllo in one, and the peg perego 5-65 in the other.

I like both, and for different reasons, and would buy both again (wanted different so if one fit a future car better, we wouldn't need to buy a new seat, just swap them around.) The clek is a little more solid and better/easier/faster for a seatbelt only install (the seat belt path is under the seat cushion that you get to from the top, much easier to access/use then the side clips on the peg), it has a neat flip down thing so it doesn't need a pool noodle to get the right recline angle, and the anti rebound bar is superior, but when not in use needs to be stored elsewhere, the peg's just flips underneath and stays with the seat. The peg is better to flip from front to rear quickly and adjust for different sized kids quickly as you can adjust the height without re-threading from the front. The clek needs to be re-threaded, so not so convenient to use with different sized kids. Both are on the narrower side, with the clek looking skinniest, but haven't put a tape measure on either of them, although the fllo although smaller on the outside seems bigger on the inside. Baby is comfortable in either, so not really an issue for us.

The Peg is made in Italy, the fllo in Toronto, clek does a poor job imo on the warning labels, they peel/bubble making the seat look a little older then it is, the Peg's labels are all still as good as the day we picked it up.
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Dec 24, 2005
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we have both the fllo and foonf.
love them.

would buy the fllo again for sure (would buy 2 fllo's if i had a time machine)

great seat. easy to clean.
we have a cheaper seat we use for flying/traveling and the fllo is 100x better.