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Club Sobeys Aeroplan conversion question

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  • Oct 23rd, 2011 8:17 pm
Oct 2, 2008
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Club Sobeys Aeroplan conversion question


I was in my local Sobeys today and noticed they were advertising an additional 300 Club Sobeys points for every box of Kraft Dinner purchased. Intrigued, I picked up 4 (@ $1.66 each) to see if the offer was legit. Sure enough, when I checked my receipt I had been credited 1200 additional Club Sobeys points.

So I got to thinking - since I'm tied in to the Aeroplan 2-for-1 redemption feature that Club Sobeys offers, if I were to purchase enough KD to get 50,000 Club Sobeys points I would be able to get a free Aeroplan reward ticket (25,000 miles) anywhere in continental North America. At 300 points/box @ 1.66 each - that's only about $275 I'd have to spend (AND I'd have a boatload of KD!).

I checked the Club Sobeys site to see if it was possible and didn't see anything saying I couldn't. Anybody else have any insight on this?