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Cogeco Cable Complaint NEVER TRUST THESE GUYS, Collection Practices on a consumer

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  • Apr 20th, 2017 7:52 pm
Aug 7, 2013
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Cogeco Cable Complaint NEVER TRUST THESE GUYS, Collection Practices on a consumer

here is the problem: collection like practices were done on an account before the final due date was reached on said bill. Services suspended without notice before due date and suspension notice date.

A Cogeco Cable for Cable+Internet services was received late November 2014 with a balance of $183.33 and a due date of Dec. 02 2014. Inside this bill there was also a disconnection notice stating the following words: Your account is seriously past due and your services are in the process of being disconnected. To avoid additional collection charges, full payment must be made immediately and be reflected on your account by Dec 02, 14. If full payment is not made, please contact us at 1-877-550-5545 prior to this date.

On Nov 29th afternoon Saturday a full payment via a credit card was send via cogged online account. At 6PM the service was suspended and no cable or internet connection was present, a message on my browser read: "Services suspended please contact the credit department at 18775505545 hours Sat 10am-5PM Mon-Fri 8am-9pm."

As stated the service was suspended AFTER HOURS on a Saturday and PRIOR to the Dec 2 due date on the bill. A full payment was initiated via a Visa online on Saturday and as of Monday afternoon Dec 1st services still suspended until I had to call in...
This is malpractice, this is abuse of the billing due date process and an abuse of the "grace period" when it comes to billing, it is also an abuse of customer relation as service was interrupted on a weekend when the company known their respective office is CLOSED until Mon. this is after the fact that the bill stated suspension of service if not received by Dec 2... Management declined to answer and hangs up.

Guys is this a full CRTC complaint or should I add more details such as the rude phone call recordings in dealing with this matter?! :cry:
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Sep 6, 2007
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Hmm I've never had this happen to me. I've been with Cogeco for over three years now and there have been times where I pay my bill a few days before the due date. I'd keep calling them until someone in management finally answers your call. If not, file a complaint with the CRTC.
Jan 11, 2015
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Milton, ON
Having similar issue except no warning. Cogeco recently installed 3 tivos and part of the deal was the installer was to take the 3 pvr rentals away. i guess the guy only returned 2 so without warning "suspended my service" i called in and spoke with 11 differnt agents from customer service, collections, tivo specialists. They apologized for there mistake, reconnected my service, all of a sudden i get issues with tivo. they spend a whole day trying to fix it. They apologized again. told me that i was being credited the entire month of service apx 200+ bucks. Called me a week later to make sure i was happy and all was good. i told them all was good!! then next day send me a bill for over $500 which includes over usage the month i was supposed to be credited and $225 for unreturned pvr box.

What a joke. Been with them for over 10 years. going to Bell Fibe now. Heard nothing but good things.
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Dec 11, 2003
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Should have paid the bill the day you got it, would have solved your current problem!

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Aug 21, 2008
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Accepted their offer for their trio bundle (tivo+phone+cable internet). I thought it was price protection for 12 months as other ISPs have similar offers for 12 month/24 month, etc. Mistake one, read your contract!

I changed the internet speed in second month for 6 month promo they were offering. Now internet promo is over and they jacked up the price for internet to their regular price ( pkg was $88, tax in, now $199).

Had to visit their office for 2 late payment charges that should not be as I was on autopayment on my CC. They apologized and credited to my account. They also did some discounts and bundle price down to $140. I asked them I will keep existing 2 services which are still under contract and to cancel over priced internet. They once said OK, then apologized and explained tivo pvr requires internet.

Called their CSRs few times, no go. They cannot fulfill their promise for two remaining services which still under contract, threatening me for $150 cancellation fee (2x75), and trying to sell me overpriced internet.

They are not affiliated with . Will try more, if not will start official complaint for CRTC and Ministry of consumer affairs.

Lesson learned for unfair interest charges and overpriced internet.

FYI. They do not list their regular prices on their web sites. Bundle or internet/tv only prices are for NEW customers :(
Mar 10, 2017
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Happens to me all the time they close at 5 and they shut it off at 7 it just happened to me right now
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Feb 9, 2012
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Gee, how many months behind? With Rogers if you are only a month behind they simply charge an additional late fee. (works out to around $4 or so)
Pay for two months (late fee and all) and all is good.
Better yet, pay your bills on time and all is better.
Apr 19, 2017
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This is COGECO horror story about $1450 internet bill for 2 weeks period and with CRTC involved .
We signed free 6 -month promotion with Cogeco only for Internet .(New residential area) The cap was $50 for over-usage ( 250 G per month package).
So usually we paid every next 5 month around $56 dollars on top of free promotion.
But connection was worst I ever saw (say Optical cable), evening blackouts and slow speed, modem always reverses to default Wifi password after power outages (In Oakville it happens almost every day).
So as unhappy with 6 month try-out we decided to go with BELL and returned all equipment before expiration of the 6-month period.
You can not imagine but the final bill we received was $1,146 .
After many calls to Cogeco and goody talky with school girls at customer support we find out that the Cogeco recently change our plan
and removed $50 cap to replaced it with $2 per Giga for over-usage.
They sad they sent us a letter about it.This is a lie.We never received any letter about it.And if we did - the only reaction can be - run away from them.
So the only option at the moment was CRTC filing which gave us some time but the outcome was to pay $456.
Why we should ? This is not about money mostly but about Big Corporation rip-off under government umbrella.
This is wrong and such drastic changes in the account should be confirmed with customer by phone to make sure
they understand the price they will pay in the future.Not to mention that we cancel our free promotion period before 6-month expiration.

We planing take this to court.
If somebody has the same issues with Cogeco please join us