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COLLECTIONS AND COLLECTION AGENTS: Ask me anything! (Official RFD Thread)

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Sep 2, 2008
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CNeufeld wrote:
Sep 14th, 2017 12:39 pm
Did you check Equifax? And how is she "uncertain" about the contents of the message?

There's information in this thread about requesting them to contact you only in writing, which should allow you to clarify their claim, as well as cutting down on the calls. I'd start with that.

Sorry for the late reply.

I tried to check equifax but they could not verify my wifes identity, apparently there are two addresses on her file that she has never lived at. They asked us to write a letter stating this, her DOB, name, email, two copies of IDS and fax it in before we can even look at her file.

I tried to get them to make an appointment so I can show them the documents in person but they cannot. I really do not want to send this company more personal information, especially through fax.
Aug 27, 2017
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YorkIT wrote:
Sep 8th, 2017 1:11 am
Update: I paid York U directly (via online banking).
Contacted EOS and they removed the item from the "collection accounts" on my Equifax credit file.
It took 3 weeks. I had to follow up with EOS a 2nd time after the first request wasn't completed by Equifax properly; Within a 4 days of the request by EOS, it was removed from my Equifax file.
Initially it was just updated to Paid, but still appeared under collectoin accounts. The 2nd follow up got it removed completely from the report.
My score went back up by 31 pts.
Hi there, I'm currently in the same boat as you except that I haven't paid anything off yet just because I want to do it right so I have a couple of quesitons.

What made you pay the university directly and not the collections agency? And how did you convince them to remove it from your credit report?

Thank you in advance.
Oct 10, 2017
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Quick question: I have an old Telus account with cbv collections. Went defaulted 2014 (march) balance was 1001.
It is the only blemish on my credit, but I was going though a divorce and was unable to deal with the bill at that time.

Anyways, long story short I went to my credit report to see the collection agency that had it and the exact amount to pay. It is now 1960 and going up about $5 a week. Do they have to show what they are charging and why?

I have asked the credit agency for validation of those charges ( I have never got a letter or anything ever from them) I live in pei and am pretty sure you can not add on extra "fees" but I'm not sure.

I also asked the credit bureau to validate these charges.

In this case what should I do, I have heard paying an old collection is even worse for my credit, should I settle? Pay it? Leave it? It has doubled in size and I can only imagine how huge it will be in a year!
Oct 29, 2017
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I'm would really appreciate some guidance regarding my provincial (Ontario) portion of my student loan.

It went into default around 2004 and eventually assigned to a collection agency called NCO. It was on my credit report for the standard 7 years and then dropped off I'd say somewhere around 2010.

I just realized that another third party collection agency called Total Credit Recovery (TCR) re-added it to my credit report in 2015 (never sent me a letter either). I didn't realize this until now as I'm in the process of completing a registration for a new job that checks your overall credit standing so this is hindering my registration to a certain degree.

I disputed with Equifax the fact that TCR added this back on my credit report stating the date of last payment was in 2015 when in fact I've never spoken or interacted with TCR however, Equifax came back to say that TCR confirmed the account is valid and the date of last payment date is the "delinquent date", not when I made a payment - Equifax could not provide me with an explanation of what the "delinquent date" is. It seems unfair to me that they can put his back on my report but after doing a little investigation online, it appears they can as provincial student loans never go away (no time limitation); is this correct?

The amount owing is around 5k and I'm not sure what I should do now…Should I bargain with this collection agency to reduce amount and pay it, let it be and see if it drops off in 5 years (7 year mark) or perhaps take another route? Thank you.

Note: I also just read something about a Rehabilitation Program. Would this apply to me and in my best interest?
Dec 6, 2017
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Hi there,

I would appreciate some insight. I havent paid the minimum on my student line of credit for a few months from a large canadian bank, and i received a demand letter from a law firm asking me to pay the outstanding amount or they will take legal action. I am currently employed and I am able to continue the minimum monthly payments no problem, is this just a matter of discussing this with the bank, the lawyer, or are they going to take me to court? Kindly let me know your thoughts. Thanks


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