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Comfortable casual shoes for uni/college students commuting in all seasons?

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  • Mar 10th, 2018 7:46 pm
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Feb 24, 2018
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Comfortable casual shoes for uni/college students commuting in all seasons?

Just wondering for post-secondary students that commute through the winter as well as summer, what casual shoes would you wear? I don't wanna go with sneakers and don't want something too formal either. I generally wore Converse or Aldo type shoes but never had a really comfortable pair plus their quality isn't that great.

Something under $100 because of a student budget and all. I was thinking of Clarks or Ecco's from SoftMoc Outlet at Dixie or something.
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Apr 23, 2007
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Jun 12, 2016
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if you're on a budget, check out Costco. They've been known to carry great brands of shoes with student friendly budget (under $50). Selection will always vary store to store.
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Aug 25, 2015
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was about to suggest blundstone but since you're on a budget, check out costco or winners
Mar 23, 2018
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I know it is out of your budget, but if you can - in any way - you should invest in a pair of blundstones. You can wear them in any weather - epic summer sunshine or deep winter snowstorm! I have seen them work in just about every situation I can think of: formal, casual, hiking, leisure, work. Also, they match everything: shorts, trousers, and kilts. Plus you will have them for years. Years. Plus plus they are incredibly comfortable. If you can find the extra cash you should invest because in terms of bang for your buck, they will definitely be worth it.