Communication program at centennial?

Nov 9, 2018
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Communication program at centennial?

How is the advertising/marketing communication management program at Centennial college? I’d like to study either that or broadcasting for film, TV, radio. But i heard so many disapproving comments about film school. What would help me get a job?
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Jan 8, 2010
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Why aren't you considering these options first? Ryerson has some excellent programs in this area. In addition, getting a job in this industry has a lot to do you - luck, connections, networking, experiences, etc. We're not talking about a computer science or business degree here, which is considered to be universally employable. If you want to get a good job in the entertainment and media industry, then you need to go into a program/school that has connections and a good reputation in those fields. A college program won't get you there.


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