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Which companies/banks use TransUnion?

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  • Dec 12th, 2011 7:12 pm
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Jul 11, 2006
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Which companies/banks use TransUnion?

I always wondered which credit cards/companies/banks use transunion to do their credit checks? I know AMEX and MBNA use them, but who else?
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Aug 18, 2005
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GTA West
From my Transunion report, I see enquiries from the following:

Rogers Cable
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Bank of Canada VISA

PC Financial and Citi MasterCard reported to Transunion but did not make enquiries.
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Jan 27, 2006
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TU-- bell mobility
Rogers wireless

EQ--GE money HBC
Telus mobility
PC Financial
Chase Sears
Amicus Financial
ING Bank
Citi Cards Canada
Jun 3, 2008
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CMHC uses just equifax, Genworth uses both Equifax and Trans Union.
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Jun 12, 2008
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Here is some info I found on another forum. I don't know if it is 100% correct though.
I've figured out where some of the different banks get their reports:
RBC (Primarily Trans Union)
CIBC (Equifax)
Scotiabank (Usually Equifax these days, although have seen them on TU)
TD (Primarily Equifax)
HSBC (Can use either EFX or TU, though I was told its always Equifax first)
PC Financial: (Equifax)
Sears Card/JPMorgan Chase: (Primarily Equifax)
Desjardins (Equifax)
Canadian Tire (TransUnion)
AMEX (Primarily TransUnion)
Capital One (Both EFX and TU are pulled once application is submitted)
GE money (incl. Bay Card) (Equifax)
Citibank (Equifax)
Citizen's Bank: (Equifax)
MBNA: (Primarily Trans Union)
BMO: (Equifax)
CUETS/Credit Union Mastercard (Equifax; though they will pull Trans Union if you ask)
Wells Fargo (Primarily Equifax)
National Bank of Canada: (Equifax)
MOST Credit Unions (Equifax)

As well, here are some of the cell phone providers:

Telus: (Primarily Equifax)
Bell/Solo: (Equifax)
Rogers/Fido: (Primarily Trans Union)

I've also never heard of anyone that relies on information from a rather clandestine source, namely NCB (now called Experian). If anyone knows who uses their reports, I would love to find out. As a matter of fact, I got my report for them and there were *NO* inquiries from any one, and not all of my accounts showed up on there.
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Jan 12, 2008
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CCCC3333 wrote:
Jun 15th, 2008 4:12 pm
Here is some info I found on another forum. I don't know if it is 100% correct though.
I'm the one that wrote the list; here are a few corrections and additions:

CUETS Financial MasterCard: Primarily Trans Union (I suppose this is the case since they got bought by MBNA)
Rogers/Fido: Primarily Trans Union
DCR Finance: Trans Union
Bell/Solo: Equifax
Telus: Equifax
Virgin Mobile: Equifax
Koodo: Equifax

Macy's Card (yes, you can get one if you're Canadian!) Both, although it would appear they use Trans Union first.
Nov 14, 2007
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Actually Dejardin uses and reports to TransUnion
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Jan 22, 2008
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I really thought most use Equifax but most of my financial institutions use Transunion :-0
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Aug 23, 2007
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I've got this information from the mortgage specialist that I'm working with.

RBC uses TransUnion
CIBC uses Equifax

Thank you so much for posting this thread. I've been looking for this information everywhere.
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Aug 23, 2007
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Steve1 wrote:
Jun 15th, 2008 1:30 am
CMHC uses just equifax, Genworth uses both Equifax and Trans Union.
How do you know which bank uses Genworth or CMHC? and how did you find out about which credit agency they use.