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Locked: Company Helping Small Businesses, But RFD NOT

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  • Jun 6th, 2006 12:01 am
May 10, 2006
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Company Helping Small Businesses, But RFD NOT

I recently registered on a site that helps small businesses offer coupons and discounts at the same level as big businesses, however everytime I post a link to their site RFD deletes my posts. It seems to me that RFD only cares to promote businesses that pay them for advertising.

If you wish to check it for yourself, the site is (oh ya, I can't type address cause they blocked it out) www.********** <--- see.

Anyways, www mvive com you fill in the dots.

Thanks RFD for showing us that you also care more about BIG business and don't really care to help small retailers. Good luck with that.
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May 28, 2005
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I'm gone RFD! Staple…
What's the website about? How exactly would it help a small business?

D J H A R O U N . C O M