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Company: Ontario Consumers Home Services - SCAM

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  • Jun 19th, 2018 2:47 pm
Feb 6, 2018
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we had 6 months free and they started it day of signing and not when it was in. Plus there was so many things I should of seen, good thing is it will never happen to anyone I Know or should be told. here is a bit of the break down... bit of a shocker really.
$92 a month X 12 months= $1,104. yr X 10 yrs = $11,040 is what it will cost you for 1 unit and price goes up each year, so cost will be more in 10 year term. Now that is crazy that you can buy a car base model for same price, doesn't seem right to me!
Aug 16, 2013
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Asctre wrote:
Jul 19th, 2016 7:20 pm
Hello Elderra,

I know this is an older thread but I hope you still get this.

We purchased a home that is 2 years into its 10 year contract with Ontario Consumer Home Services. I want to get out of this contract but I needed to sign an agreement saying we'd take over the lease for the furnace and water heater before we could close on the finances! This was brought to our attention with 24 hours notice of our financial deadline. There was little for us to do, our lawyer said nothing could be done to stop the contract otherwise we'd lose the house. Any tips on getting out of this contract?

Also, are the annual check ups required? Honestly, I don't want them coming into our house and messing with anything.

Thank you
I was in the same situation. How to get out? I am billed on Enbridge Bill. Buying out Water Heater is like $3000 something. What happens once Rent to Own ends?
Oct 17, 2012
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I regret that I have also been scammed by this company, I was actually scammed by 2 companies, Nationwide home Comfort and OHS but I had no idea they were separate companies until it was too late. I got a call from Nationwide that they are the warranty company for my furnace, they checked the furnace and recommended I get a Hepa filter, they said it wouldn't cost me and the charges would be waived, but when i checked my Enbridge gas bill i am being charged $70 for this!

OHS called me a few weeks later, I assumed it was same company and they were coming to check my furnace and hepa filter. They told me they had taken over the contract and nationwide didn't exist. They said I would benefit from a water and air filter, they said I would not be charged and due to government rebates, I would get $2000 back.

I should have seen warning signs but since I am in a lot of debt, the $2000 would have really helped. Now I am stuck with 2 contracts, 1 for $70 and another for $109. I hate both companies and wish I have never signed up with them. I complained to BBB, consumer rights, and other companies. All OHS would do is say they will look at giving me a discount to buyout the equipment. In total it would cost be over $17K to get out of this dam contract which is money I don't have

I am trying to sell my house and getting a divorce and with 2 young kids, this is a nightmare to deal with. OHS and Nationwide I hope you both ROT IN HELL!!!
Feb 27, 2018
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My husband and I were the victims as well. Our first mistake was to get into rent/buy a new furnace from OCHS, then the ball started rolling.
We agreed to the furnace+water heater deal because our furnace was very old and very loud.
Next, 2 guys came in to sell us the water carbon filter and we will have to pay only $5, because Ontario Government will rebate $40 for using the water filter. We never received the rebate, because we did not qualify (2 people over $39,000 household income).
A month after the water filter was installed, another 2 guys came to "check our equipment that we purchased from OHCS" and found that we did not get the Air Purifier installed when we got the new furnace, so he will install it at no charge, and also that we are already paying for Carbon filter + water softener and we did not get the softener installed, so he will send somebody to install it, of course at no charge. When the next Enbridge bill came, we got charged for Air Purifier and water softener that was not even installed. We called OCHS, but they said we had 10 days to cancel and we did not, so we have to pay. We did not cancel because our bill came after 10 days passed.
In November the final scam, 2 guys come to "check that our equipment is working properly" and, of course, again, we were paying for something "that was not installed", this time it was the already mentioned water softener and AC. They told us that if we don't install the water softener our "water heater warranty will be void", and we will be charged only $7 more than what we are paying now. Also our furnace was installed based on a plan Furnace+AC for $79.99 per month, but because we did not want to replace AC, we got charged $72.99. This new guy said that we should put the new AC and he will cancel the first contract for the furnace and we should sign the new one for AC that will include both. He called somebody and gave our agreements numbers requesting them to be cancelled and the new agreements to be activated. We signed, then somebody called to confirm the new price and we were supposed to get another call within 10 days to do the final confirmation. The second call never came, but to our big surprise, we got charged a new amount for AC, the old amount for the furnace, a new amount for the water softener, the old amount for the water filter also named the water softener, twice the Air Cleaner and all that for 10 years. We called OCHS and all they are saying is that they are not responsible for what all those guys were telling us, they are the contractors, and we confirmed the price (and of course they recorded it). How could we know that the cancellation of the previous contracts were also a scam. On top of everything, the guy that convinced us to install AC, told us that we will get $400 rebate from Ontarion Gov., because OCHS is collecting it anyway but sends the cheque only to those who ask for it.

We don't know what to do now, other than trying to buy off the equipment and break all connections to OCHS. They said that our warranty and the maintenance is free as long as we are paying the rent, but that is BS as well. No repair will cost us as much as we are now paying.
Any advice will be very much appreciated
Apr 1, 2018
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We have been scammed as well by OCHS and we are working on getting together innocent consumers who have been scammed by OCHS to work together and fight against this cheating company.

send me a message or write an email to me at
Mar 5, 2008
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If you signed the contract within 10 days, Consumer Protection Act (may varies by provinces) allows you to cancel the agreement no question asked. Else, you are in for a tough battle with the company unless you have any proof that the sales gave you false information. I canceled my agreement the day after the sale guy pressured me to sign the agreement. I spent the night the read all the fine prints (which the sales avoided to address any of my questions directly) and determine it was a scam, so I called Simply Green and cancelled the agreement citing the consumer protection act. It was a night I spent that I wished I did not have to, but saved me lots of money and trouble.

If you already passed the 10 day period, look at the company's BBB file online and you will see lots of disputes between the customers and Simply Green. Some had won the battle and got their money back but not all and they had gone through a lengthy process.
Apr 19, 2018
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I got scammed as well by this company called smart home. They have placed two profucts of nest...a thermostat and carbon monoxide detector...for which they said I need to pay $30+taxes/monthly....and they will send us $30 back by check every month until a year...coz they (company) gets more rebates and thus it would be almost free for me...and after a year you can cancel the contract and just be relaxed....they gave a call where need to confirm with this deal...they installed the products....until then I had no idea of it being fishy.... but when I read this contract carefully for its cancellation policy it turned out to be all together different....there as per calculation this thing is $30 for 120 months which turns out to be more than $3500 for these products which are barely $5000. I don’t know how to get rid of it....regretting opening door for these craps.
Jun 19, 2009
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I randomly came across this video about OHS. I am sure it will be of help to you in terms of cancellation or pursuing legal action.

Youtube link
Apr 25, 2015
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Mississauga, ON
I just have the appointment with two guys. They took 15 minutes checked all my monitor then told me need 650 dollars to change all 3 monitors, when I mentioned about the free monitor , they said they can not install the free one except I paid the two others. Then they just go away. Never trust NEST again.