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Nov 16, 2005
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consultant recommendations?

Can anyone direct me to a source that lists small business consultants with some kind of certification that I might hire?

I'm seriously considering purchasing an existing retail operation, but the broker hired by the seller to sell the business has indicated that the accounting is bad. This doesn't put me off, in fact I believe I can probably use this as leverage in a negotiation.

But my expertise is not in the area of accounting and feasibility assessment, etc... I'm working on a business plan now, and I know that this will answer many outstanding questions, but would also like to look into hiring a hired gun to troubleshoot this deal, just as you would have a house inspected prior to purchase, or a mechanic look over a used car before buying. Thanks.
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Apr 2, 2003
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Richmond Hill
Accountants should be able to do this. They have retail specialists and they advise clients on things other than the accounting. Ernst and Young is one firm that comes to mind.

York's MBA program (and probably others) have a Small Business Consulting service that students offer. The students are usually those in the entrepreneurial studies program and/or have experience in this area.

If you have a bit of time, business students have assignments where they have to study a business and make recommendations. You can try that route.

Depends on how much you want to spend.
May 28, 2005
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Look for Chartered Business Valuators (CBV). They (obviously) do business valuation.

Robbinex is a global M&A consulting firm for small-to-midsize business, their GTA office is in Hamilton. Schulich, Rotman and DeGroote all have on-campus concultancies which are reputable.
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Apr 2, 2003
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Richmond Hill
Got a buddy that is a CA and CBV - let me know via PM if you're interested.