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Contractor Equipment Tracking Solutions

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Aug 25, 2011
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Contractor Equipment Tracking Solutions

I'm a small painting contractor, I have a hard time keeping track of tools such as ladders and scaffold equipment. I drop them off at a job site and the either go missing or more likely I forget what job site they are on and end up never getting them back.

Does anyone know of an app or something where I could scan a ladder or something that I drop off so I know where I've dropped it off and when even. Or does anyone have a better solution that I'm not thinking of??
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Aug 15, 2015
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I guess before you depart for work for the day, you can write a list of job sites you plan to visit on a notepad with a pen. As you visit each job site, you can check mark them off. If you left a ladder at any job sites, you can make a note of that in your list. Hopefully you can understand your own notes at the end of the day.
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Aug 2, 2001
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I am not sure how "small" you are when you state you are a small painting contractor. However you have to keep in mind that while it sounds great to utilize technology there are times it does not beat a manual solution (e.g. a Google Docs spreadsheet you use an app on your phone to update). I would suspect you're not dropping off large pieces of equipment to a job site at a time so it doesn't seem like a lot of manual work.

There are many asset management systems out there, but there are costs involved. You'll have to pay for it to be cloud hosted (as you want it available at work sites), you'll have to pay for a label printer to print labels, you'll need a scanner (which may be your phone but may not be), and you'll still need to do the usual stuff of entering / maintaining your actual equipment.

Start off small. Do it manually with a Google Docs spreadsheet. After 6 months review where your inefficiencies are and then explore a system that meets them. Jumping from nothing into a full fledged automated world is often a recipe for disaster as you try to adapt to someone else's processes.
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Aug 2, 2010
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Here 'n There
10c notebook and 5c pen. Available from Dollarama...