Converting Manitoba driver's license into Ontario license??

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Jun 16, 2009
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Converting Manitoba driver's license into Ontario license??

I am new to the forum. I live in Winnipeg, MB and have a Manitoba Intermediate driver's license. Manitoba Intermediate license is actually equivalent to Ontario G2 license with the exception that you don't have to give another road test to promote to Full(F) license. In Manitoba, once you pass the road test you get "I", then after 15 months you will be automatically promoted to "F".

I have to move to Ontario for school. I talked couple of times with Ontario transport. First time one lady said that if I move with my Manitoba "I" license then I'll get Ontario G. Next time another guy told me that Ontario doesn't accept any license other than Full license of other provinces. So, I have to go for road test again starting from learners. How silly!!

Can anyone please confirm me what's the correct rule?? Again, if Ontario doesn't accept my Manitoba "I" license then is there any other way to bypass this? One of my friends is telling me to keep my Manitoba license for one more year, after that I'll get "F". So, I was just wondering if I say to the insurance company that I go back and forth between Manitoba and Ontario and want to be an additional driver to be insured in a vehicle (My wife has an Ontario G license, so she can be the primary driver), are they going to accept that?

Please let me know regarding the matter. I found all the information really confusing.
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First off, legally you have to apply for an Ont license within 60 days of moving here. This link may help... ... rocal.aspx
It looks to me like it depends on your years of driving experience. If you have 2 years experience in the last 3 you get a full G license. Under 2 years experience and you get a G2 and must take the G2 exit test within 1 year or as soon as you get the 2 years experience.
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