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Converting tripod to Arca Swiss compatible + buy new filter system

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Aug 15, 2018
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Converting tripod to Arca Swiss compatible + buy new filter system

Hi everyone,

I'm getting a bit more into landscape photography and looking for a few tips from those who have more experience - so that I can buy accordingly.

1. Tripod
I use a Manfrotto BeFree Color and it doesn't take L-brackets as it's not Arca Swiss compatible. I was told I can change the tripod clamp to an Arca Swiss one and did some research. Would anyone have tried the same thing and did it work OK? I've never done that before, just wondering if it's a "common" operation. Tutorial:

So if I am not mistaken, buying these two products shall be enough to complete the operation?
New Arca Swiss clamp: ... tible.html
Adapter: ... _boss.html

2. Buying into a new filters system

I already have a 77mm Hoya CPL. Not looking to buy the whole set of filters but to start, a 2 stops GND and 10 stops ND. After some research I am leaning towards Haida square filters, online reviews are good and price is reasonable.

I understand the system is similar to Lee, NISI etc... with a filter holder, a CPL holder and filters to slide in.

If I buy into such a system, will I be able to use my own Hoya CPL? I have never used one - I'm interested to know if I can clip the filter holder directly on my lens mounted with Hoya CPL or if I can "replace and insert" the Hoya CPL in the CPL holder from Haida, as shown here at 3:45

I would take any advice if you have!

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Nov 22, 2012
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Regarding the tripod head, I've done it. You definitely need the adapter kit to compensate for the slot in the manfroto head and the longer screw. ... _boss.html

Another option is that you could screw the standard tripod plate into the arca swiss clamp. It's a bit bulkier but an option if you don't have enough arca swiss plates yet.
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Jan 6, 2004
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I have the Haida filter kit which comes with the CPL to screw onto the adapter, I have not tried the filter kit with my B+W CPL. There is a decent amount of gap between the filter and the lens so I would think you'd be okay???