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[Costco] Costco: Alaskan Ice Melter 20kg $4.97 (new price)

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  • Mar 7th, 2011 8:46 pm
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Apr 4, 2006
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[Costco] Costco: Alaskan Ice Melter 20kg $4.97 (new price)

Alaskan Ice Melter


Saw this at the Richmond, BC warehouse.

Mar 27: Lizard reported $4.97 at Langley warehouse
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Jan 25, 2007
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anyone see any in GTA costco? Time to stock up for next year at that price.
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Aug 17, 2002
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RCSS last week were selling their no name brand ice melter with sand for $3.97 for 20kg...
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Jul 13, 2006
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Oddly enough, the Costco Warehouses in areas where there is snow have been out for almost a month.
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May 30, 2006
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I used this stuff this winter and I didn't find it to be all that good. It works ... but I wouldn't say it is any better than regular salt and maybe even worse. Anyone else used it and have thoughts?
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Jan 5, 2003
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sjweyman wrote:
Mar 18th, 2008 12:38 pm
I used this stuff this winter and I didn't find it to be all that good. It works ... but I wouldn't say it is any better than regular salt and maybe even worse. Anyone else used it and have thoughts?
Have used it a lot this winter and I find it works great. One thing to keep in mind is the conditions that this stuff and regular salt work well for. Salt is only effective only down to a certain temperature (I think around -8 or -10C) and then it won't melt anything, although it's useful for traction. Alaskan Ice Melter and other synthetics work in colder temperatures, but they're smaller in size so don't work well for traction.

If it's cold out and you just throw this stuff down, it'll melt some of the ice into water, but if you don't deal with it right away, the water will just freeze into ice again so you may wonder what it accomplished. The best way to use it would be to throw it down, wait for it to melt (this stuff melts fast; I can literally watch it melt into the ice most of the time), then scrape away the ice once holes have been melted into in.

I usually mix it with some regular salt to cover all bases and to save some money.
Mar 16, 2004
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I've used regular salt and this Alaskan stuff and I find it works better because it lasts for several days.

however, the bad thing about it is that because it's so small you tend to sprinkle more of it without even realizing it.
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Dec 3, 2003
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I've been using this stuff for years, great product.

Conversely, the 'environmentaly-friendly' ice melter stuff they sell in bag is complete garbage. Its 75% cat litter. That stuff makes a real mess after the snow is gone.
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Apr 6, 2006
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Vancouver BC
Picked up this yesterday at the Langley BC location. $4.97 now, they had about half a skid (I didn't see any in the rackings immediately above).
Mar 6, 2011
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Kelowna, BC, Canada
I bought a tub of the Alaskan Ice Melter from Costco last year and recently used it on my concrete driveway. What a mess it has made! I have taken pictures and will be going back to Costco and also the company that makes this product.


The concrete is flaking only after 3-4 days and the rest of the driveway is pitted with what looks like the moon's surface. Maybe I got a bad batch? The stuff I'm using is obviously very caustic and corrosive. I am very fruestrated and now have to start looking for legal and also professional advice.

My recommendation: DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!