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[Costco] Karbon Thermolite Long Sleeve Shirt $12.97 Free Shipping

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  • Jan 11th, 2019 6:58 pm
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Dec 11, 2005
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Is this good for working out?
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Jan 8, 2007
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When I tried to add Red M to cart. OOS
Nov 6, 2012
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TorontoEh wrote:
Jan 10th, 2019 11:39 am
Is this good for working out?
Unless its in somewhere COLD like a garage gym or if you're doing outdoor stuff then no, it will be too hot to workout in room temp to this. You're better off w/ some Underarmor heatgear
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Sep 13, 2015
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Damn. Too late. Nothing left in size small.
May 13, 2015
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Mississauga, ON
Mine arrived today. Really fast shipping!

Got a dark blue in medium. I really like it! Would have bought a second if I knew they were this good for the price.

It's basically a thermal type layer on the outside, and a thin fleasey layer on the inside. So this will be perfect for winter jogging for me.

I'll mainly use it for winter jogging... but it's super comfortable and warm, so I could see myself wearing it around the house or out on a cold day. It's athletic wear, but the dark blue is nice enough to wear just as a normal shirt I think too in a casual setting. It's not ideal for that because of the logo placement... but I guess it's becoming popular to wear athletic clothes when you're not doing sports or whatever... so it would be good for that if that's your style.

Fit is good. Not super tight, but certainly not loose either. It's not a tight fit where like some thermal layers are. A bit loser than that.

edit: just got back from my jog. Big improvement over what I had before. I will say that I didn't like the feel of it as a base layer. There is a big stitching thing across the back that makes it a bit uncomfortable to wear against the skin. But as a second layer, it felt fine. I think this would be perfect to wear as a 2nd layer over a thermal base layer. That plus a coat would keep you super warm and it wouldn't be bulky at all.
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Sep 24, 2008
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rfdnutz wrote:
Jan 10th, 2019 8:37 am
In for 2. Thanks OP!
Got mine today - one dark blue and light blue in Large. Size seems quite generous - will wash and dry it now to see how much it shrinks. Looks nice and warm...plan to wear this as a base layer for skiing.
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Jun 15, 2006
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Applainmedia wrote:
Jan 9th, 2019 11:39 pm
This fits larger, I bought a medium and had to return it for a small.

Also I've had polyester gym shirts for years and have never put them in the dryer. Always hang dry and have never had issues.
These definitely fit larger and baggy. May have to try shrinking mine in the dryer.
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Jun 3, 2007
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Received mine today and ordered on Wednesday evening. I wear Large for everything and the large for me is perfect fit. Wouldn't recommend working out in these because of the thin fleecy material which would just soak up all the sweat and make the shirt heavy. Good layer for when its cold and lounging around the house during the day in the winter. Thanks OP. Bought 2.
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Aug 21, 2007
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Arrived today. The price seems about right. The fleece material is weird, not super comfortable, chafes against bare skin, probably wouldn't want to do a long workout in this. The fit is pretty boxy. Body and sleeve length is regular (not great for tall people). If you're tall and skinny it will look like a potato sack. If I didn't know better I would swear this was something for $10 from WalMart. Too bad, had high hopes
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Nov 21, 2017
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Surrey BC
Do you need a costco card to return these in store? I bought them online as guest.