Costco MasterCard collision damage waiver

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Nov 26, 2013
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Costco MasterCard collision damage waiver

I noticed in the fine print of the Costco MasterCard that any additional drivers that meet the rental company's basic requirements(age 25, valid driver's license) will be covered even if not listed on the rental contract, this is news to me, is this true?
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Feb 9, 2003
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It's common, it's not just the C1 cards. I've never heard anything firsthand about someone getting in accident and needing to take advantage of this coverage. But I did discuss it here years ago, and someone who worked at a rental car place said it's not true. He said that cc companies do ask if a driver is on the rental agreement. I pointed out what the T+C clearly say, and he got defensive cause he worked there and therefore knew everything.

It does strike me as odd. It doesn't seem like there's much advantage to the company to insure extra people unnecessarily, when usually they want things to be as restricted as possible. But from reading it, it seems pretty clearcut.