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Costco: returning defective item in set of 2

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  • Dec 9th, 2013 10:44 pm
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Jul 21, 2006
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Costco: returning defective item in set of 2

So I decided to give the Misto oil sprayer another whirl, which Costco sells as a set of 2. The first one I took out of the package is defective, but the second one is working ok.

If I just want to return the defective one, do I need to return the other?
I'd hate to take another gamble at a new 2-pack only to discover one or both don't work, and if this is the case I might ditch the idea of using Misto altogether.

Thanks in advance.
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May 28, 2012
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You need to return both, or at least take the two units back and see if they will do the exchange there.
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Oct 26, 2002
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I would buy another pack, check to see if they work... if only one works then keep it and return the two that don't as a pack. If neither work then return both packs and don't re buy.
I have some and they both work fine, still using them after a couple of years.

And to answer your question, yes you need to return both. You can not exchange anything at Costco unless its the same day you bought it.
That's my 2cents worth