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DC Unchained - android GAME (ios comming soon)

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  • Apr 17th, 2018 10:47 am
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DC Unchained - android GAME (ios comming soon)

The game is officially released internationally. Current version 1.067 - no links in here, but its available if you know where to look

This is my favorite game at the moment so addictive logged over 20 hrs. Is anyone else playing it. The game is released for international Asia & Europe Australian markets just not North America at the moment. I was able to pull it off my foreign android accounts. Can't confirm at the moment if the ios release is out yet.

Its a mobile action RPG game similar to Marvel Future Fight but more engaging. Has most of the more popular heroes & villains from the DC universe from the following franchises: Batman, Flash, Superman, Aquaman, WonderWoman & Green Lantern. There is also guild support but limited to 15 or 20 at the moment. Once you get to a certain level you can automate most fighting tasks that eases the grind.

Post some of your favorite characters or strategies.

I'm running with Flash + Batman + Superman
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