Deals on US android phones for Wind Mobile

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  • Nov 5th, 2015 4:53 pm
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Deals on US android phones for Wind Mobile

I'm looking at buying a new android phone for use on Wind, and will be making a trip to the US soon. Anyone know of some hot deals on some good midrange phones in the US? I'm currently looking at the Moto x Play, Nexus 5X, or Nexus 6p from Wind, and I get a $150 tab if I choose to purchase from Wind in Canada. I'm in Alberta so I pay 5% tax. So currently I'm looking at about $315 for moto x play, $630 for Nexus 6p, and probably about $420 for Nexus 5x from Wind, all in. Downside of the Moto X play from wind is it comes with no quick charger, and is locked. Unlocking costs $30 I believe. I'm hoping to buy something in the $300-400 range plus tax. Even if the price is fairly close to what I can get from Wind on tab, I might pay more, just to not be locked in for two years. But will depend on the phone and the deal obviously.

I'd giving thought to the Moto x Style/Pure until I found out it wasn't coming to Canada, or the Moto G 16Gb/2Gb ram till I found out it wasn't available either. Then I found out I was going on a trip to the states, so I have a lot more options.

Phone has to work with Wind, and being able to work on the big 3 would be a bonus too in case I ever switch.

Thanks for your help!
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