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Jun 25, 2003
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Debt Question

We were having a discussion at work today.
Heres the thing just want some feedback.

Say someone has about 10000 in debts to his credit cards (only credit card debt no loans or anything else).

And he/she has the full money to pay off all of their debts. (say casino winnings or will)

Is it harmful to your credit to pay off your 10000 dollar load right away ? or are their any disadvantages ?

Just some feedback :)
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Nov 13, 2005
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Me personally I beleive it would be to my advantage to pay it off immediately, however I recall reading from somewhere that it's equally not bad to carry a balance (small mind you, not at the limit) as it will give equifax some history.

From personal experience, I have 2 CC, ones $11k, the other is $2k and a $50k uloc. I pay the CC off every month and carry approx $5k balance on the Uloc. I just checked by beacon score and it was at 825.

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Sep 19, 2004
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Is that $10,000 a credit card balance (unpaid)
or it's just this month's total that he can still pay on time?

What's the interest rate % on the balance?

Unless it's 0%, it'll probably be 18%+
and unless you can make more from the $10,000 windfall in some ways

In short, PAY IT OFF
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Oct 10, 2006
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Pay it off right away. Continue to use the card for day to day purchases you would normally be making with cash, debit or credit. Pay that off each month in full so there is no interest.

Lower debt to limit ratio on your card means increased score (sometimes), still using your cards and paying them off increases your score.

Can't think of any disadvantages other than the credit card company being grumpy --hah.

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Feb 9, 2003
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FICO scores look at max balance over the last year. Someone who maxes their credit cards and pays them off will have a better score then someone who never uses them. Some people apparently will write a cc cheque to themselves and pay back the cc when the cheque clears. Yes, they'll have to pay interest for a few days, but if you can get some savings on an loan that you apply for the next month, then it's worth it.

But of course it isn't harmful to pay off your cc right away. It's better for your credit to have a low balance AT THE MOMENT but a high balance within the last year.