Demerit Points do not affect Insurance!!

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Vhjaimes wrote:
Jul 13th, 2017 4:51 pm
Hi, I just have some questions regarding speeding ticket, insurance and driver's license. I live in Alberta but just got a speeding ticket in BC on highway 3A last Friday July 7th 2017. This is the first time I get an "out of province ticket". I am about to change my insurance from Economical to TD Insurance. I haven't gotten any ticket since April 2014 (that ticket was in AB), and I haven't paid this recent ticket. My first question will be:

1.-If I get my insurance policy next week (by July 18th or so) can I still get away from the insurance knowing that I just got a speeding ticket and don't hike my premium right away, at least for this year? That ticket will impact me next year when I renew the auto policy, is that right?

2.-This being an out of province ticket, do I have any chance fighting it? This will likely mean I will have to go to court in Penticton, BC. If so, is there any lawyer or defense ticket company in Alberta that might help me? Or do I need one from BC?

Has anyone have dealt with out of province tickets. Specifically, speeding ticket in BC with an Alberta driver's License?

Any comments or inputs are appreciated. Thank you all.
This assumes you`ll fight it in court/meet to reduce:

The ticket won't show up until you`re convicted. You aren't obligated to disclose this to insurance yet because you haven't been found guilty. So if you get a new policy before your conviction they won't see it until they pull your record which may not be a few years from now.
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