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Direct link to Thread Summary

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Direct link to Thread Summary

As I understand it, the purpose of the Thread Summary section between post #1 and post #2 is to allow the RFD community to add/update information about the topic discussed in the thread. This is very useful if the original poster doesn't participate in the thread after they start it. (Yes, this happens, especially with some long "megathreads" that could be months or even years old.) If people use Thread Summary to keep information up-to-date then a lot of Q&A duplication in the thread itself could be avoided by simply pointing people to the Thread Summary.

What surprises me is that there's no direct link to the Thread Summary section of a thread. All one can do is tell a poster that the answer to their question can be found between post #1 and post #2. That's hardly convenient nor is it welcoming to newbie posters.

Could you please consider adding a direct link to Thread Summary? Hopefully that will help encourage more people to add info to it and also to point others to it.

P.S. Perhaps it's time to consider making further enhancements to Thread Summary. For instance to provide some sort of sectioning, with a direct link to each section. Perhaps each unique member who adds something to Thread Summary would automatically be assigned a section. Others would still be able to update all sections in case the author stops updating it.
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That's a great suggestion. I'll create a ticket for it and hopefully it won't be too hard to do.

As far as updating it to make it better, that is something we've been thinking about for some time. There's a lot of potential for that space and we are definitely open to new ideas. We'd love to have some sort of automated content populate it (e.g: links to the highest rated replies in the thread). This way there would almost always be something to see in there even if no user created entry exists.
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RFD developers could get some hints from the "Link to this wiki" from the "Community Wiki" in Hot Deals threads at Slickdeals. Their thread wiki FAQ explains its behaviour (New Features - Thread Wiki and Post History). I have always found their way to do things very neat.

I'm not in favour of posters taking ownership of "sections" of the RFD community wiki on threads ("Thread Summary") nor having separate sections (fractioning the post, making it unnecessarily long, prone to duplicate or contradictory content, among other things).

Promoting "helpful" post within a thread could be done with an optional sort posts in a thread by rating/score mechanism (in addition to the default sorting by timestamp at replying/posting time). Kind of the same way you can sort threads in the ranking list by views, replies, etc. There's no need to promote high rated posts to the top of the thread (IMO, it'd kill the healthiness of debates by encouraging a sort of cognitive laziness and herd mentality behaviours -- for example). Highlighting these posts could be other way to promote helpful posts (e.g., green banner in SD), though the thumbs up score criteria alone might not be sufficient to separate "helpfulness" from "funny", "call outs to other members", "memes", "witty" and other sort of reasons why posts get voted up in threads.
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