DO NOT GO TO Canadian Tire Auto Service!! Almost got in an ACCIDENT!

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Jan 10, 2004
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LeanneH056870 wrote:
Nov 27th, 2016 10:49 pm
Took my daughters Jeep to Canadian Tire Oshawa service for diagnostic ($65) as the heat wasn't working. They told me there were issues with the Rad that needed fixed and then the heater core needed a reverse flush ($891) was the estimated cost; the Jeep is 16 years old. They guy said "usually I wouldn't recommend this for a car this old, but it's in great shape, so it's worth it". I disagreed. I took the Jeep to another shop for a 2nd opinion. There was NOTHING wrong with the Rad at all; they changed the blend door actuators, the thermostat and did a proper flush on the system...and now the heat works, for a 1/4 of the price quoted by Canadian Tire. They are scammers, do not take your car there!!
$891 for a flush? Wow..insane. Although I wouldn't trust CT for service, I'm sure there's other just as bad shops out there. So hard to find an honest mechanic nowadays...
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Sep 6, 2007
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The only thing I've ever had done to my car at a CT is a seasonal tire swap. At the time it was $20 for the service for four tires. But after hearing all these horror stories and watching the way the kids did it in the service bay, I elected to start doing it myself. Never again.
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Apr 18, 2011
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The last time I visited the Canadian Tire Auto Service was 8 yrs ago.
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Feb 10, 2005
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Richmond Hill
Kellykam123 wrote:
Oct 23rd, 2016 10:09 am
Yesterday I went to Canadian Tire and let me tell you the horrible awful experience I had. All I went to do is an oil change on my car and since I've left leaside location my car is making very very loud sounds that it NEVER made before I went breaks from making NO noise are now making so much noise that heads are turning on the street from the loudness of the noise. Tell me how this could be??? The moment I left the garage the noises all started??? They told me this is a coincidence....and that my car need breaks anyway...dont go to Canadian Tire....they will ruin your car... This is completely UNACCEPTABLE!!! We don't take our car in to get fixed can ruin them so we can come back faster. Do NOT trust Canadian Tire with your car!!!!!!!!!!
LOL, that's why I will never touch my neighbor's / friend's car. Unless a real buddy.
Jan 27, 2009
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Had a similar experience with CT (Lakeshore and Leslie) location back in 2014

Brought my car in for a broken strap on my exhaust...they told me it would be done in a day.

So I rented a car for a day...I ended up going back and forth for 3 days, missed a day and a half of work streessing out over them partially fixing issues.

I complained at the end, knowing that I would never go back, even for an oil change..and they guy behind the desk just smiled offering no reperations almost as if he got complaints like this all the time (surprise surprise).
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Feb 24, 2008
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First mistake is stepping foot inside CTs Auto Service Center
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Dec 4, 2016
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I have been taking my 2007 Toyota Yaris to the Canadian Tire in Kanata, ON for the past 5 years. Do they try to find things wrong with my car? Yes. Do they attempt to pad bills? To a certain extent, yes. But I don't seem them as any worse than Toyota dealership in the same area. Recently I took my car in for seasonal tire swap, and they suggested oil change based on mileage sticker (dealership didn't update the sticker on windshield when they last serviced it.). They also suggested rust proofing. I declined both, on the phone, and they took no for an answer. I would probably go back there and get rust proofing eventually. Probably when I buy tires from there.

A data points on servicing: I took the car in for tire swap, and for squeaking sound. CT found it to be a belt, and replaced it for $50 labor and $20 parts. That's including diagnostic and fixing. The tire swap cost $40 in labor, and included "XX point check". The check showed that OEM battery (6.5 years old) was "almost dead", as I was told. I have not had any problem starting the car in past winter, so maybe it's just the battery not yet fully charged. Or maybe their threshold for "dead" battery when not under their warranty is set differently. Either way, I agreed to purchase a new battery. They put in MotoMaster Eliminator, rather than the base model MotoMaster battery. And cost of installation is $50. Not sure if it's because it's in the shop rather than their pit stop, but I understand that they need some way of recovering the "XX point inspection" cost. 3.5 years later, the battery works fine. The terminal corroded once, and dealership had to clean the battery terminals and charge me for it. Car ran fine for a while since them, and the belt issue never showed up.

Another service: Oil change, in the shop. (Not Pit Stop.) Suggested alignment, PCV replacement, and Fuel System Induction service. Turned down all. PCV replacement and Fuel System Induction Service were based on time/mileage. So upsells does happen.

One good thing about CT, is that they print out the upsells you declined in your invoice. I kept a record by scanning them and putting them in my google drive. It allows me to get a better sense of how much they tried to rip me off, and decide if it's worse than the dealership or an independent garage.
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Dec 28, 2002
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demzie wrote:
Oct 23rd, 2016 9:51 pm
My sister once went to Canadian Tire for an oil change. After the oil change, the car would make noise at every turn. Took the car to a private garage and as soon as they lifted the car, there was a wrench stuck near the wheel. I go to private garage mechanics and see the maintenance as they lift up my car.
so you got a freebie
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Dec 28, 2002
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It's sad that a company that says it's "Canadian" and it has such bad reputation. Is it a true Canadian culture?
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Feb 23, 2008
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kareshi wrote:
Dec 9th, 2016 5:13 pm
It's sad that a company that says it's "Canadian" and it has such bad reputation. Is it a true Canadian culture?
Everything sold on Canadian Tire comes from China, except paint and chemicals. Should be renamed China Tire instead.
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Dec 17, 2016
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Penticton BC
I share your views and experience with more than 1 Canadian Tire Auto Centre lack of Honesty and Practices!
My experience began with WhiteCourt Canadian Tire Alberta and ended at Penticton BC - losing $140 on a complete lack of ability to do a Front End Alignment!
Back on the Highway, after WhiteCourt Alberta, a 2008 3/4 ton Express Cargo Van continued to weave irractically. So I took out the tape measure and did the Auto Trained Practice of checking for the Problem I had already assessed and given to a UNTRAINED Phillipino - sacked out at Managers Home.
The Camber Caster and Toe-in had the same dangerous error in measurements.
Continuing on to the next Canadian Tire Shop, I got the run-around and a plethora of IGNORANT NON-APPLICABLE EXCUSES!
I eventually determined that I simply would never get this corrected till i arrive back in Penticton BC. That, also ended up in the same scenerio!
The front desk, had a hot headed ignorant MONSTER with a 'no it all' attitude and Corporate Trained Ignorant answers! blaming all the problems on brand new tires to other unrelated non-eisting mechanical problems. They told me that they would look at it at my cost and wouldn't promise to fix it without further charges along with making WhiteCourt cover SOME(?) of the costs - no amount promised!
So I made them come out and look at the obvious Camber error causing dangerous steering problems - even the Manage came out!
None of them took the time to actually view the Camber Alignment and even had the Back Yard Mouthy Alingment Tech tell me that BAD Camber does not affect the wear on any the tire. That sealed their doom to this report and a BBB report!
These so called Corporate Trained Tech. are first not Certified Mechanics and are all to often off the street with NO EDUCATION!
I eventually did not go back to the scheduled appointment, with such Threats of more charges and nothing properly done for a Full Front End Aligment!
I found this report and MANY MORE about Canadian Tire Corporate FRAUDULENT SERVICES!
Soon after I took it into BCAA Penticton BC, and for $99, got a full and complete front end aligment in 1 complete job done - with a full warranty for any further related problems!
The Camber Caster and Toe-in were out by the exact amounts that I told WhiteCourt DUMB Phillipino back yard tech.
Feb 4, 2017
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At Canadian Tire in Peterborough ON I took my mother's car in to get a new fuel pump installed. To do that, the fuel tank has to be removed and should be done by removing the bands and heat shield then dropping the tank down using a flat surface on top of a jack. The stupid lazy ******* "mechanics" there decide to leave the heat shield on (and even the support bands on one side) and pull it out sideways. In doing that, they damaged a brake line then phone me to tell me that I have a problem that will cost about $550 to fix. The line had some corrosion, but those hacks damaged it and wouldn't admit it (even after the original service counter guy told me the line had "been disturbed" during the tank removal). The manager completely denied what (I swear to God) was said by his subordinate.

When I went to to shop to see the situation (and find out they didn't remove the tank properly) I dealt with the service manager (Rick) and was treated very badly. He was very aggressive, coming just short literally calling me a stupid lying a-hole.

An agreement was eventually made where the price was reduced and we both paid half, but I will never willingly give Canadian Tire ANY of my business again and DO NOT TRUST THEM. They've lost a life-long customer, and I will make a point of warning people to stay away from them.



I got the car back and the brakes are spongy. They are definitely not working properly, but wouldn't dare take it back to Canadian Tire. I'm sure they would only make the situation worse. I have booked an appointment with another shop to see what problem(s) CT has created.

Canadian Tire service is pathetic and potentially dangerous.
Jun 9, 2017
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Took my truck in to have new tires put on. Got home and found my rad cap just sitting on top of my rad, and no coolant in the rad.
Dec 20, 2016
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And the list of CT victims just goes on. Me included.

Generally for tires they are pretty good and can't go too far wrong. Well the local CT sure can.

A few years ago, my daughter had winter tires installed. They didn't inflate them more than needed to seat the bead and the tire shredded. This was one they acknowledged.

I got a flat on a snow late last winter and changed back to new All Weather tires. So, I didn't get it fixed until a few days ago.

Took it in ... they checked it out ... no leak found and called me. I went to pick it up next AM. Took half an hour to find the wheel and the girl says "Oh nuts, it's flat". Didn't have time to wait so said I'll pick it up NEXT AM.

Went in, there's the wheel all nice with a new tire ... it was covered under the warranty. Get home and go to mount the wheel and I had to lift this wheel a long way to remount ... didn't feel right. So, had a look and discovered they'd put a /60 instead of the /65 series tire on. Took it back and arranged again to pick it up this AM.

Got there. Nice new tire ... another /60 series tire! Manager couldn't believe his eyes. He got it replaced right there and then ... took about 10 minutes. Apparently somebody just pulled tire off the rack where they expected to find /65 tires without checking them. Clever. But to mess something SO simple twice was amazing.

Manager offered me a free oil change ... but I turned him down ... don't want these guys touching my car. The only way I'd get an oil change there is if they let ME use their pit and do the job myself!

Where I live there aren't many inexpensive tire places. I had a run in with Costco a few years back where they put installing new tires on new rims right at the back of the queue for 3 days.

They say wallyworld isn't too bad ... but I'm suspicious!