DO NOT GO TO Canadian Tire Auto Service!! Almost got in an ACCIDENT!

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Aug 25, 2006
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True story, had a 1990 civic dx and took it to local canadian tire for a simple oil change before embarking on a trip from toronto to wasaga for a party weekend back in the day with friends.

Next day after oil change proceed to go up 400 north. Lotsa traffic but it was generally flowing at 100km speed limit.

Out of no where (while in the middle of no where approaching Barrie... think big empty corn field in pitch black darkeness) I start getting what I think is rain on windshield. Odd as no rain on forecast and dry all around me. Use wipers and "rain" is smudging all over windshield... well turns out it was oil. 5 seconds later engine light comes and then 5 seconds after that I hear a big pop followed by sound of marbles in a can. Managed to get from far left lane to right shoulder. Pop hood and the engine block is glowing red with a huge hole blown out of it. Look under car... no bolt in the oil drain plug!!!

Had it towed way back to toronto Canadian Tire were oil service was performed. Advised tow driver to leave it there with door unlooked and key under visor. Hitch hiked to wasaga with friends... thanks to the nice guy in the Van who picked us up and drove us all to nearest rest stop. My bro picked us up from there. Called crappy next morning and told them what happened and where to find car.

Short story, they assessed the car and deducted that their oil change monkey either didn't tighten oil drain plug to spec or did not install paper washer as required. Canadian tire agreed to foot bill for an engine replacement at an independent shop. This was like 20 years ago. Think it was like $2000 all in for tow reimbursement, engine swap, and detail job to clean all oil over spray + a $250 gift card for my troubles. I was young and stupid and took the deal no questions asked. Car was repaired great, ran like new after repairs until the day I traded it in.

Moral of story. Stay the heck away from Crappy tire service centers.
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Oct 2, 2017
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servicing your car at Canadian Tire is like buying food from walmart. Don't be surprised if it's old and rotten
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Oct 29, 2006
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This is why a trusted, independent mechanic is worth their weight in gold. I give mine a decent bottle of wine for the holidays just because. The amount of money, time and headaches he’s saved me makes me eager to show my appreciation.
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Dec 6, 2012
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Montréal, QC
I went in CT once 20 years ago to buy winter tires, and.... last Monday at 8PM, I went there to repair a flat, no choice really at this hour :-/ but they repaired it fine, no leak since. For tires I guess they are ok.
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Oct 6, 2010
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Potrice wrote:
Dec 9th, 2016 8:02 pm
Here you go.
lol, awesome and true. Can't even ask for a relay without getting into this. rwd or 4x4...
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Feb 24, 2007
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Can you hear that..?

That's CT corporate getting ready for their holiday celebration!!