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Do you shart more as you grow older?

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  • Jan 6th, 2019 4:21 pm
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vivibaby wrote:
Nov 6th, 2018 11:13 am
My "friend" has never been a gassy person but he has been finding that he's quite gaseous in the past couple of years to the point that it's become uncomfortable to hold it in and messy if he lets it out. Has anyone experienced this? He's too embarrassed to get it checked up at the doctor.
Sounds like IBS - irritable bowel syndrome. Increase flatulence (farting), gas, diarrhea, pains and cramps in stomach - left side dominate along large intestine, feeling tired, drowsy more than usual. Go see a gastroenterologist. They will narrow it down. They do a gastrocopy, colonoscopy, and anoscopy. Covers all 3 major areas from throat down to anus. Any diseases med condition in between. Get it done.
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If there is a malodourous gas emitted with the bowel excretions, chances are your friend might be experiencing ulcerative colitis. FODMAPS diet and probiotics can help but he needs to get a doctor involved with his care.
I have a parent with the above and he won't get care. The bleach is needed in laundry to get the gas smell out.
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