Does furminator for cats worth the money?

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Mar 8, 2017
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Does furminator for cats worth the money?

Does furminator for cats worth the money?
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May 22, 2005
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I'd like to know as well. One of my kittens has started to grow her adult fur (so I've been told). I have a small silicon brush which works okay, I also have a glove with silicon nubs on the palm side, which also works okay. I have to do multiple passes and the cats have started to get creative getting away from me haha
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May 9, 2006
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Hanna123 wrote:
Dec 27th, 2017 12:52 pm
Does furminator for cats worth the money?
I have 3 of them. The first one I got was from Walmart and it was fake. I only noticed this after Googling Furminator after the fact. Apparently I then bought larger ones, one for short hair and another for long hair. I personally don't notice a difference between real and fake ones.
It works well with my short hair cat. It doesn't work so well with my medium/long hair cat. I find brushes with longer teeth are far more effective.

For short hair: the Furminator is good, but that should be followed up with a needle brush to pick up all the loose hair. Get a needle brush with soft tips as a normal needle brush meant for dogs can irritate cats thin skin.

For medium/long hair (especially if they have under coats of triple coats): I use this to loosen any matting (or skip this step if no mats)

Then this works better than the Furminator. With long hair, I find the Furminator starts tugging at fur that it's not loose.

Then finish off with a needle brush.

If you look on Amazon, ebay and Chinese shops online, these brushes are so much cheaper than the Furminator. Personally, I think the Furminator is overpriced at $50-$70 when all my other brushes don't come close to the cost of just 1 of those brushes.
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May 21, 2015
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I saw this Furminator type brush at Princess Auto and I believe it was only about $10,, not the $17 shown on their website.. If there's one near you it could be worth trying at that price.. They take returns with no hassles and no real time limit. ... -p8674640e
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Nov 7, 2012
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Yes it's worth the money, especially if you have a short haired cat. I was allergic to my cat and probably still am, just not as severe, and I did everything possible to negate being a sneezing and miserable mess. I love the guy.

Vacuuming every other day, washing my hands after petting him, and furminating in the spring/summer. I used to live in an apartment building and did the furminating on the balcony. And boy did it furminate all the excess fur. I've seen dog owners furminate their dogs at the dog park... just annoying seeing large swaths of fur flying around the park.
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Apr 10, 2011
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Furminators are the best pet brushes on the market, imo. They're worth their weight in gold. BUT -- your cat may not take to being brushed at all. Mine hate it :(
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Oct 26, 2002
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Best brush I ever got for my cat. She loses so much hair all over the house, its everywhere. When I first got the furminator it took out an extreme amount of hair!! Its eased off now to a small pile each time I brush her, but so much less hair all over the house now.
That's my 2cents worth