Dog and TTC subway ride during peak hours

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  • May 13th, 2017 9:23 am
May 10, 2017
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Dog and TTC subway ride during peak hours

Hi all this is my first post. I recently got a small dog that will grow to be 15lb. I am to be able to take the GO train up to Barrie on Fridays and i realized that peak hours on ttc end at 7pm and that leaves no time to get the last GO train :( I need to just go South on the ttc from Summerhill and it is never ever busy going south at 6pm. Last train leaves at 6:45pm. Has anybody ever had an issue with dogs and riding a train that isnt even busy? i could even put him into a carrier thats the size of a small suitcase...
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Nov 7, 2012
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Its really rare that they stop people. If its not busy you should be fine, its not like they're going to enforce it. Its when it's crunch time and everyone is trying to get home is when it gets really hard. Considering your dog is really small and that you can just hold him/her. Its when your dog is too big and the trains/buses are too crowded when things are not in your favor.
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Apr 7, 2012
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Good luck taking your dog on the GO train. They're super tight assed about it.
They'll remove you immediately if you slip through with it .... TTC you will prob be okay. As long as it stays on you lap.
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Jan 28, 2014
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Re the TTC - I would get a carrier. One of our groomer's dogs weighs 12 lbs. She has been stopped - much will depend on the staff on duty at the time.

Your pup will be safer in the carrier as well - if you don't open it no one in our litigious society can say that your dog caused them a potential issue.

Remember though that a 15 lb. dog does not weigh as little as you might think!

And, also, watch out for dog magnets - you know the type of person I mean. The type of person that every dog wants to say hello to and sit on their laps (note - I am one of those people).

I can't speak for the GO Train, but I would believe MrsPotato. I know that you can't take a pet on Via Rail until there is a baggage car and the pet must be put with the baggage. Not happening. According to Via Rail allowing pets access to regular coaches (even say 2 specific animal friendly coaches with the pet in a carrier) is one of the most frequent suggestions. Last time I checked Amtrak had the same policy.

Our dog is not one who would do well on the subway, so I have never tried it.
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