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[Dollarama] Darta Universal Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard - $4

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  • Aug 1st, 2019 8:48 am
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Dec 1, 2018
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JackWhyte wrote:
Feb 23rd, 2019 12:46 am
What the hell? Do you live in CandyLand and ride your Unicorn back to Dollarama?

I even mention "defective", "return" or "exchange" at any Dollarama in the real world and I get screamed at with "YOU NO READ - NO RETURNS!!" and get pointed to the door with an obvious GTFO. It's like shopping in a third-world bazaar. I spent $32 on defective 3rd-party Inwood/Rock Candy phone batteries/plugs (that after opening, realized had been sitting in a warehouse for 5 years) and got totally hosed by these scam artists.

And then I email Dollarama HQ and get told the same basic thing, and to STFU about it online - then they contact RFD and closed my thread.
I guess Scarborough is CandyLand lmfao. Thanks for sharing your experience, I'll be sure to think twice before needlessly making these types of Dollarama purchases!
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Dec 1, 2018
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xoy74 wrote:
Feb 23rd, 2019 2:33 pm
Where did you buy them ? I checked 3 locations in my area and neither had them.
I purchased the original 2 at the Scarborough Town Center location, and then exchanged at the Neilson & Ellesmere location. However, I was at the Neilson location an hour ago and did not see any left.
Sep 17, 2015
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Kitchener, ON
Stay away not even worth a $1. Very small and the key presses are 50% success rate at first try. Horrible please save your time and walk Away!!
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Jan 14, 2013
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Lougheed hwy location next to superstore and near Ikea has a couple. I grabbed one at 2pm.

Burnaby i guess?
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Mar 4, 2015
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CCHIPSS wrote:
Feb 20th, 2019 12:11 pm
Anyone saw these in the Vancouver area?
Kingsway had about 6 as of yesterday.

Small, works, not sure what else to say.
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Mar 10, 2004
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JackWhyte wrote:
Feb 23rd, 2019 1:04 am
Anyone in 2019 who continues to buy electronic or rechargeable devices at Dollarama does not understand the value of $4 or the fact that Dollarama is a scam operation designed to get money in exchange for old and defective junk.
Dollarama a cheaper version of Factory Direct.
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Aug 11, 2017
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YungTrapLord wrote: I found the keys much too mushy for fast typing. I have to use only my pointer fingers and use more force than I'd like to ensure the key is pressed. Will be using it as a stocking stuffer haha.
Does it feel like $4 or $25? What value do you think that $4 got you determines if this is a hot deal.
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Sep 13, 2005
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Lansdowne Mall location in Richmond BC had a few as of yesterday. I decided not to get it as it feels like a $4 product.
Sep 21, 2007
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Grunchy wrote:
Feb 22nd, 2019 12:40 pm
None at Quarry Park Dollarama, Calgary. I did find about 2 dozen Xbox One Titanfall games though... (no PS4)
Calgary: They have these in the store in Forest Lawn, on 17th Ave across from the Co Op. They are located in the half wall across from the cashier. They probably had 5-10 in stock.
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Jul 3, 2017
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Back in stock in the Vancouver Marpole store where I bought 2 before Christmas.
Jul 6, 2015
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plymouthhater wrote:
Feb 24th, 2019 7:28 am
Dollarama a cheaper version of Factory Direct.

OMG. You have no idea. I worked briefly for FD. What a shytehole of a company. I honestly can't believe they are still in business. It's sad statement as to the average Canadian's level of laziness for stepping up and stepping on wrotten to the core companies.!
May 2, 2017
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Bought one couple weeks ago. Very happy for $4. Paired with my Amazon fire stick to replace the basic remote. Key presses are not great but all the keys do work and the battery is going into week 2 without needing a charge. Would recommend, just don’t expect to enjoy typing a essay on this.


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