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Domestic Violence & Child Custoday

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Oct 4, 2014
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Domestic Violence & Child Custoday

I need some advise, I'ma father of 2 child 8 months old and 6 years old son, Me and my wife divorced when my son born and I had visitation rights however 2 years later I moved back to house and became responsible father and my son was very bonded to me, We also had a 2nd child recently and after that me and my partner is not good relation, She had stopped communicating with me completely and often use my son as Intermediate, This been going for few months and changes in character my son will become a victim in middle, However I kept my mouth shut as she always threat she will take both kids away from me, My son often get scolded from her and if he cry she will ask "are you physco", She also often will use words telling bad things about me to alienate me from him

Recently she did the same to my son and it ended up she taking a knife on me, Witnessing that my son screamed and scared which at one point I had to carry him and ran away from home, I called the police and she was arrested and released on condition since she is still breastfeeding our 8 months old

Now she wants to go to court saying I breach the custody of my son by taking him away, I don't feel safe to send him back to her afraid the mental abuse will continue

What can I do? Will I have 50/50 Custody? Is my son going to have the same torture of her attitude
I do not know the law her much and only concern the best interest of my children
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You need to consult an actual lawyer ASAP. Don't rely on advice from Internet forums.
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JHW wrote:
Aug 11th, 2018 1:36 pm
You need to consult an actual lawyer ASAP. Don't rely on advice from Internet forums.

Although just an opinion...

If she’s been arrested due to domestic violence (and admitted the knife incident) I would say things will go a lot more in your favour

Also... it sounds like your wife’s mood changes to extremes

She’s good enough to move back in with (and have another baby with) for awhile
But you also divorced her after your son was born
And find her irrational now after the second

Sounds to me like she’s suffering from a severe case of post partum depression

Your marriage solution may be as simple as getting her on meds... and STOP having kids


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