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Dormeo Octaspring mattresses: remarkable or ripoff?

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  • Apr 16th, 2018 10:29 am
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Sep 26, 2011
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Dormeo Octaspring mattresses: remarkable or ripoff?

Curiously looking for objective reviews/opinions on Dormeo "Octaspring" mattresses.

They feel very comfortable on the showroom floor, and have a clever "foam spring" design, but there's conspicuously few comments to be found, anywhere, for these supposed luxury mattresses. FWIW, even Consumer Reports basically doesn't review Dormeo products. Are buyers just suckers for marketing tricks, or are these legit, well-made products?

Sales pitches on product warranties are exaggerated; a little research shows that around three years ago, both Dormeo and Tempur-Pedic drastically reduced the duration of their mattress warranties. Instead of providing 25 years, now the magic number is 10 years of coverage. I'm skeptical of any warranty these days, when companies seem increasingly reluctant to honour anything, as if legal terms can be changed by them at any time after a sale is made.

It's a little shady that these Dormeo mattresses are only sold "exclusively" at Sleep Country, obviously inflating the price because there's no competition in Canada. There's plenty of unflattering stories circulating about Sleep Country's poor customer service. Worse still, the links to "Register Product", "Reviews", and "Warranty" at the bottom of Dormeo's Canadian website point to their American website, and it's actually geoblocked to Canadians. Email customer service and they don't respond. Phoning their 1-800 number outside business hours goes to an unidentified voicemail box, and otherwise answers as Sinomax USA: their Chinese-owned parent company. The website also showcases their pillows, even though they're not sold in Canada anymore, and possibly never were, depending on the conflicting answers you get from different Sleep Country staff.

Despite Dormeo seeming to be a relatively "new" entrant into the mattress marketplace, a quick lookup of their founder's much-promoted design patents shows some dating back forty years, so maybe their technology isn't actually so great, and it's just recent advertising spin?

Amusingly, there's another Canadian competitor in the mattress racket using a very similar name, Dormio.

Anyway, I'm not interested in purchasing an ordinary foam mattress, or I'd just go get one, here.
I've always considered getting a Tempur-Pedic, if it wasn't for that company's attitude. It wasn't too long ago that Tempur-Pedic was "forbidding" retailers from ever putting their products on sale. And what's with the "(max # of searches per visit is 5)" limitation on their store locator? Are they paranoid that their competitors might know where Tempur's wonderful products are being sold, as if it's top secret? :rolleyes:

The Simpsons just last night aired an episode in parody of typical mattress sales swindlers, validating many of my own thoughts on the whole industry.

TLDR -- are Dormeo mattresses mostly an overpriced scam, or actually "revolutionary" European design?