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May 12, 2016
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dry eye in Toronto

It has been a year since I came here and my eyes are severely dry, I went to 2 doctors/GP and they told me its because of the weather and there is nothing much you can do about other than using a humidifier in house and use artificial tears.

Now since 1 year I am using artificial tears, multiple times in a day which doesnt fix the problem properly but helps a bit.
Does this mean if I live in Canada I have to live like this? or maybe the doctors here are not of good quality and they are unable to fix the issue. Did anyone of you face same issue?
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GP = General Practitioner. Have u seen an eye doctor?
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Oct 6, 2015
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See an optometrist. There are more aggressive options to treating dry eye other than just artificial tear usage.

Starting on Omega-3 supplements (ie: fish oil capsules) is a great place to start. 2000mg (ie: 2 x 1000mg capsules) twice daily (so 4000mg/daily) is what my doctor told me to take. It made a difference.

Overnight lubricants can help day-time hydration. Systane Nighttime is what I'm using right now.

There's prescription products like Restasis. And punctal plugs and punctal occlusion procedures.

Also, if you're using artificial tears, you need to be careful of the brands you use, and even the preservatives such products contain.

Lots of potential treatment options for dry eye that an optometrist can go over with you. I'm a post-refractive surgery patient, so my need for treatment is gradually dissappearing, but similar treatment principles do apply.
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Feb 3, 2015
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In my mid 20s i had alot of problems with dry eye. I had before due to contacts usage on top of that I also had laser surgery. So my eyes are great problem is I also had really bad dry eye. Morning I use bion tears. And I incorporate antiallergic prescription eye drops a d works wonders. Dry eyes are gone but I have to keep using it. Moment I stop it comes back. Hope that helps the drops are called patanol or pataday.