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[Dyson] Dyson: Refurbished Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Vacuum $209.99 + Free Shipping (Restocked!)

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  • Feb 22nd, 2013 11:09 am
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Jan 6, 2008
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[Dyson] Dyson: Refurbished Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Vacuum $209.99 + Free Shipping (Restocked!)

This deal is always pretty popular when it comes up, so go ahead and grab one if you're interested! The Refurbished Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Vacuum is $209.99 with free shipping and a one-year parts and labour warranty. Here's a little bit more about this vacuum:
  • cleans multiple floor types including carpet, ceramic, vinyl and wood
  • features a detachable long-reach wand and motorized cleaner head
  • weighs 2.23 kg/4.90 lbs
  • 22.2V lithium-ion battery releases charge evenly and recharges up to 3 times faster than others
The DC35 has very good reviews. Over at Amazon.com, it has 350 user reviews and an average score of 4/5.
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Jul 9, 2007
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Great deal, thanks! Now all I have to do is convince my wife...
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Aug 13, 2008
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can someone provide some more details:

1. is it good for cleaning up after kids (cookie crumbs/cereal/etc) off carpets?
2. the bin looks kind of small. the capacity that it states on the website, how often do condo residents empty out and refill? can it simply be popped out and emptied into garbage can?
3. battery...how long does it take to fully charge? how long does a full charge last? is it a 120V plug in directly to the unit? or does it have a charging stand or something?
4. does the filter need to be replaced? if so, how often?

edit: reading amazon reviews now.

from amazon:

This has the typical advantages of normal Dyson vacuum cleaners such as bagless, easy to use (and empty), great suction, etc but here are a few more
+ Cordless means it is quick and easy to grab and use so it's great for cleaning up around the dining table and after the kids. I'm more likely to use this and vacuum occasionally, rather than waiting til everything is really dirty before dragging our big vacuum cleaner out
+ Can use with or without the wand attachment which means it is much more flexible than an upright vacuum cleaner
+ Solidly built and very easy to clean/use and move around.
+ The suction is probably as good as my big Dyson (or almost as good). It is fantastic for cleaning the car mats/seats.
+ 15 mins of suction is more than enough to do the dirty bits of the house, and in fact almost all the house. I wasn't sure about this but it's more than enough (e.g. yesterday I did 5 rooms + hallway and it didn't run out of charge).
+ Fast to charge (approximately 3 hours) and comes with docking station
+ Li ion battery means no battery memory, and it has a removable battery which means it can be easily replaced. Batteries hopefully aren't too ruinously expensive (they seem ok from my current check)
+ Looks great. :)

Cons (most of these are fairly minor)
- Expensive, it would be cheaper to buy some of the other Dysons!
- A little bit heavier and harder on the wrist/hand than I thought (but I guess that is why it has a decent battery life). After 5 mins vacuuming, my hand was slightly sore but you can always change hands.
- Don't like having to squeeze the trigger all the time. There is no way to leave it on. This constant squeezing of the trigger may contribute to the sore hand/wrist.
- Electrical cord is rather short, especially given most power points are on the floor and the docking station will be up high. It means your docking station needs to be very close to a power point or you need an extension cord
- Motorised head is narrower than I thought so it takes longer to vacuum than using the big Dyson, but the tradeoff is not having to move the extra weight of a full sized vacuum
- A flexible hose attachment for getting hard to reach places (e.g. under the car seat) is not included
- No pass through charge, otherwise I could vacuum while it is on the charger (and use it as a normal vacuum)
- Doesn't stand upright by itself (but that's not a big deal).
- When charging, the charging status light is shown on the adapter at the power point, not on the vacuum cleaner itself. This is really strange, especially given
(i) your power point is likely to be low, less visible than the top of the vacuum cleaner, and possibly even obscured.
(ii) there is an indicator light on top of the vacuum that indicates when it is turned on. This light should have been used to indicate charge status. I'm not sure why this indicator light is needed for feedback given you can't really turn it on by accident, and if you do it emits this loud vacuuming noise. A charging indicator on the cleaner itself would be helpful (but not essential). [/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]- Suction is great. Don't know what planet the people are on who say it's lacking here. Oh, and BTW: Vacuum varies based on elevation, so if you live at like 9,000' yeah, ANY vacuum won't suck (or will suck, depending on where you're coming from).
- Overall design is fantastic. Smart, smart, smart. Dyson obviously puts a LOT of thought into their design and I, for one, appreciate that.
- Trigger: So I was concerned about this. But it's fine. Actually, it's (look for the theme, here) SMART. Why? Because you're looking at about 15 minutes runtime. Which is plenty. But the trigger forces you to turn the damn thing OFF when you move to another room, put it down to move a chair, whatever. Think about it: They put an ON/OFF switch and some dimwit will leave it on when they walk off to answer the phone, check on Fluffy, whatever...and when the battery runs out they will be the ones to gripe. So the trigger is fine. No sweat.
- Maneuverability: This thing will go ANYWHERE. Whatever it "supposedly" lacks in anything else, it makes up for in ease of use and the ability to get into small, strange places.
- Cost: Yeah, it's expensive. So are luxury cars and you generally get what you pay for. Given that this thing improves my quality of life I am MORE than happy to pay the price.
- Accessories/Mounting Plate: Again, smart and very minimalistic.
- Battery life: OK, so I live in a smaller home, about 1,600 sq. ft. and while I have yet to run out of juice I can understand how if you lived in a big house this might be an issue. Not sure what to tell you...either get a corded one or just vacuum for 15 minutes at a time. I read a review where a lady said "Life is too short to spend more than 15 minutes vacuuming." Well-said, lady. Well-said.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE]* Power. While less powerful than a mains-powered vacuum, it's surprisingly good for a cordless and only occasionally annoys you by failing to pick something up. (Others are so weak you end up wishing you lugged out the mains-powered vacuum). Dyson say the power doesn't drop as the dust container fills, and this seems to be true from using it. Looking at how it's constructed, you can see why this is so - other manufacturers, take note!)
* Ease of emptying. For obvious reasons, portables have a small capacity and need frequent emptying. This model is (possibly?) unique in that you just press a button and the waste flicks cleanly out the bottom without an airborne dust explosion.
* Build and design quality. It's clear that the manufacturers have avoided cutting corners (and the price reflects it).[/QUOTE]
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Aug 13, 2008
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ok so most of my questions are answered except:

1. do most people use this is a secondary vacuum or the main vacuum?
2. how do people use this for cars? the shaft can't be easy to fit in the footwells and rear passenger areas?
Dec 1, 2012
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Many thanks for the heads up! I just ordered one. Been waiting for one of these to come on sale again.
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Jan 28, 2003
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yeah where is there cashback on this item?
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Jul 18, 2004
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is it really 13 mins of power? I mean I guess that is fine for a condo but maybe I should just get a corded vacuum as my main versus this, though it IS prettier and looks convenient to use.
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Jan 28, 2003
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i dt think this is to be used as a main vacuum even for a condo...it is only 10-15 mins of power and meant to be used as a secondary vacuum for douch ups and messes made out of normal vacuum cycles.
i guess if you can finish vacuuming in 10-15 mins you can use as main vacuum?
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Nov 19, 2010
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mbk.2k3 wrote:
Jan 16th, 2013 3:06 pm
ok so most of my questions are answered except:

1. do most people use this is a secondary vacuum or the main vacuum?
2. how do people use this for cars? the shaft can't be easy to fit in the footwells and rear passenger areas?
Yeah people in the reviews claim this can clean their whole home. I have only carpets and I live in a townhouse. Will this suffice?
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Apr 4, 2007
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GCR seems to have 2.5% cashback.

How does this thing do on pet hair?

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Jun 22, 2009
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GT!! wrote:
Jan 16th, 2013 5:55 pm
How does this thing do on pet hair?
Curious about this also. And does the Animal version ever appear as refurbished? If so, for how much?
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Oct 19, 2003
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If you want a dyson do yourself a favor and get a plug in canister model if you want to use it to clean a whole place. I seriously doubt you can actually do a whole place with this and after a year or two the battery life will probably already be up to 30-40% less than new already.