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Dyson V10 - Best Buy/Dyson "Sales" Discussion

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Sep 3, 2018
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Dyson V10 - Best Buy/Dyson "Sales" Discussion

Hello. I am really considering purchasing a Dyson V10 Absolute or Animal for mostly hardwood floors. However, I'm not sure how to track prices unlike Amazon's camel app or Keepa app.

I have a $100 Best Buy gift card and the current sale price is $649 (save $150) with a free gift set.

How do I know what the past sale prices have been? It is kind of difficult searching "Dyson V10 or V8" in the RFD forums.

Any advice is appreciated.
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Dec 14, 2005
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Just do a google search on redflagdeals dyson v10. If it's not a deal on RFD it never happened. Smiling Face With Open Mouth

From what I gathered it's only been $150 off, but there was a thread that someone mentioned they were able to get 20% of BBB using their coupon online. If you're a previous Dyson owner you can call them and ask them about a loyalty program which is 20% off. I just got my V10 Absolute with 20% off and a free DOK. At first I didnt care about the free DOK, $200 for a chunk of plastic to hold your vacuum cleaner is a bit excessive, but it was free and honestly I do like it. It removed my clutter of pieces that were lying all over the floor from my previous DC35.
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Oct 29, 2005
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if you have other Dyson products you can call them and ask them for the 20% loyalty discount which works out to be a little bit more than $150 off