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Oct 4, 2018
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Are e checks valid in Canada ?

Hi, i am having a hard time getting a merchant account and we have found a solution where clients would be able to send us e checks that we would print using MICR printers / toner and canadian paper blank cheques.

Do you guys know if this will work in Canada ?

* I have tried contacting my financial institution and they could not provide any clear answer.
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Feb 7, 2018
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Yes. If it is a Canadian cheque drawn on a Canadian chequing or savings, then you can process it electronically through a few different companies. Bambora and Telpay are 2 of the ones I know of.

However, if you are receiving the cheque electronically, then printing it using a MICR Printer, then the answer is NO. This is a form of cheque fraud as there is now two cheques with the same number floating out in the world for the same account. You have to either have the original cheque OR process it electronically through a company that does that. Our banking regulations prevent people from doing this which is why you could not get a clear answer from the bank.



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