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E3 2018: June 9th - June 12th. New game announcements and possible hardware reveals.

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  • Jun 18th, 2018 11:15 pm
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May 9, 2007
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For Honor is being given away completely free on PC from uplay until next week.
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Mar 12, 2005
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SpicYMchaggis wrote:
Jun 11th, 2018 11:11 am

An interesting take away for me as well is how bethesda announced 2 new next gen games and how Microsoft mentioned they were working on a new system. I always thought we were several years away from new consoles but Im starting to think we might see a PS5 next year and a new Xbox possibly the following year.
It takes years to design/release a console. Plus it takes years for Bethesda to make an Elder Scrolls game. I imagine it's still a number of years away. I'm sure MS and Sony are in the planning stages of the next gen, but I'm also guessing we're a few years away from that. Maybe 2020 at the earliest for next gen?
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Sep 29, 2003
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Holy shit Last of us 2 looks great
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Oct 23, 2004
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Ascott wrote:
Jun 11th, 2018 4:11 pm
They basically restarted the FFVII remake a couple months ago after taking the development back from CyberConnect 2. Not surprising they don't want to air their dirty laundry. Industry rumors are that Cyber Connect 2 screwed the pooch really, really hard.
I wasn't aware of any of this. I just remember it being a huge point and surprise last year and now it's like it just doesn't exist. Very underwhelmed with the Sony show overall
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Jul 14, 2010
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I missed the Sony conference. Although from what I'm seeing online all I missed was banjo's and finding out a lot of people didn't play Left Behind.
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Jul 14, 2010
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Wow, that was a lot worse than I was ready for. RE2 reveal was fun though.
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Feb 11, 2007
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I missed the all 3 events live since I was at work:

Sony Event starts at 1h 17m into this video:

Ubisoft Event starts at 1h 9m into this video:

Square Enix:
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Aug 16, 2007
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Can’t wait to see what Nintendo showcases. Probably Super Smash Bros., Splatoon, Pokémon, Yoshi and a few others I’m probably not familiar with.

So far I’m giving Microsoft & Sony a grade of a solid B each (in terms of the console wars). In terms of Developer press conferences, I was going to hand it to Bethesda but I think Ubisoft did a great job too (even though those dancers gave me a cringe factor).
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Aug 20, 2009
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The presentations were really weird for the Sony show but it was just one great game after another. I still have no idea what to make of Death Stranding though. I'd give Microsoft and Sony both Bs.

Solid E3 in general, pretty happy with it. Really wanted Demons Souls HD or Bloodborne 2 but oh well. Sekiro will do nicely instead. Nioh was pretty good but the level designs had nothing on From Software games.
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Feb 22, 2007
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The last of us II / 2. Any ideas of release dates or anyone know where I can pre-oder that?
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Jul 14, 2010
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Nintendo started a lot stronger than I expected. Spiritual successor to Armored Core and XC2 story DLC, I'm game.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses looks awesome.

I really expected they were going to do full trailers for stuff like Wolfenstein 2 and Dark Souls Remastered. I'm glad they relegated them to a highlights real.

Neat. Every character that's ever been in a Smash Bros. game is in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Even 3rd party characters.
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Oct 7, 2011
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How long r they gonna talk about SSB :facepalm:
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May 14, 2005
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Way too long presentation for smash..