Easy/Bird Courses at Carleton

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Easy/Bird Courses at Carleton

...just as the title says. Please add to this and include course code, professor name and a little description as to why it's easy.

Course: LALS2604
Prof: Christopher
Why: Midterm and final are multiple choice (took me about 30-40 minutes each) and fill in the blank and no course work. This is a pure memorization course, with a lot of scientific terms/words to know... but pretty easy if you study before the exams (I studied about 8hrs per exam and got a B). He's a pretty good prof (easy to understand).

Course: BIOL1902
Prof: Runtz
Why: Midterm and final are multiple choice (took about 30 minutes each), and they're pretty easy. As long as you study for atleast 2-3hrs per test (basically just reading over the prof's provided notes) you can get a good mark. I got an A- with minimal studying. There is no course work at all, and the prof is very good. Lectures are interesting. One of the easiest courses I've taken.